Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Profession of Love and Thanks to the Farm Boy

When I opened the garage door to head out to dinner this evening, there was a new* car sitting in my driveway. Yep. That's my new* car. The Farm Boy RULES.

Pics to come later.

And you know what else this means?!?! NO MORE LOSER CRUISER FOR MRS. GRUMPY! W00T!

*ahem* This site shall be temporarily known as the Happy Frump. Grumpiness will commence again tomorrow morning, as I'm sure I'll find something to put me into my usual sour mood.

But for now.... did I mention how much I love, love, LOVE my Farm Boy?!?! He's the coolest. And he's hot. And even though I'm just a grumpy old frumpy girl, he tells me I'm pretty every day. Yes, it's usually right after I wake up, looking like hell... and he's probably just trying to convince himSELF that he didn't marry a troll... but hey. You take what you can get.

*"New" to us. It's against my principles to buy a brand new car, drive it off the lot, and lose around 20% of its initial value. You can do it if you want, I'm not judging you. ;-)

Lest anyone think me VERY spoiled, I just wanted to note that he didn't buy the new car outright. We still have to make the monthly payments. This isn't one of those Lexus commercials with a new car and a bow.


lizgwiz said...

How exciting! A new* car. (Your definition of "new," by the way, is exactly the same as mine. Let somebody else take that depreciation.) I've kind of been thinking about getting a new* car...but then I listen to the news about the economy and decide I'll ride the old Neon around for a little longer.

therevhead said...


wire said...

That's fantastic.

Stinkypaw said...

Enjoy your new wheels and yout Farm Boy!

Stefanie said...

Never mind all the disclaimers, a new car in your garage is still pretty dang exciting. Congrats!