Friday, August 31, 2007

A Two Weeks In A Row Friday Why Files!

WHY #1: Why do the little things always mean so much? I am thoroughly ecstatic today, because I was able to get my Inbox at work below 30 emails. It's been sitting between 180 and 300 this last month, so I consider this quite a feat. And now I will do a little happy dance of joy. I know you can't see it, but I'm sure you can picture it. If not, here is a brief pictorial for your enjoyment.

WHY #2:
Why do some celebrities still believe "there's no such thing as BAD publicity?" YES, THERE IS. I'm pretty sure of it.

WHY #3: Why can't we keep our spinach clean? I can't live without my salads. *sniffle*

WHY #4: Why is this such a short Why Files? (because I have too much work to do!)

And that concludes Today's Friday Why Files. Happy Long-Weekend to all my US and Canadian Bloggy Friends!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reach Out, Reach Out and Touch Someone... but not literally.

Ever since our class reunion this past weekend, I've been thinking about what a crappy job I do at staying in touch with people. Yes, our family is crazy busy with a million little things... but it makes me really sad that there are so many people I've just "lost." Even worse, many of those people live relatively close to me.

I pride myself at how well I manage email, how quickly I respond to people at work... but my personal email is turning into nothing but adverts and subscriptions. BORING. But why would I expect to RECEIVE emails if I rarely INITIATE them?

So here is my August resolution (I can have a resolution in August... I don't have to wait for New Year's, because I'm just cool that way!):

* I resolve to keep in contact with friends via email, via blog, whatever it takes. There's no excuse for me to go for more than a week without blogging.

* For my truly, close friends, I resolve to call at least once a week.

* For my friends who are separated by distance, I resolve to email at least once a month.

That should be a good start, don't you think?

What about you? Do you have a knack for staying in touch with your friends, old and new?

Monday, August 27, 2007

We Partied Like It Was 1987... but not really.

The reunion was fun... the informal night was better than the formal night, but that's to be expected. Saw a lot of people I hoped would come. Learned that I don't look as old as I think I do. I suppose that's a good thing. The Farm Boy was a total trooper. I owe him big time.

Quick quiz!

While at the reunion, I learned that one of my former classmates is now a(n):

a) doctor
b) lawyer
c) teacher
d) famous adult web site star
e) all of the above

Yep... lots of talent in our class, I must say.

And a question for you... is it completely narcissistic of me to be more thrilled that I had a good hair day for the dinner/dance than I was in reconnecting with some old friends??? Yeah? I thought so, too. So, umm... I guess I wasn't actually more thrilled about the hair, but it was a close second. ;-)

That's all I have... it was okay and fun at times, but nothing much really to post about.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Could It Really BE... Friday Why Files

I'm awake early on my day off, so what else would I be doing? Yeah. The Friday Why Files. I don't even know how long it's been since I've done one of these, and I'm WAY too lazy to look it up.

WHY #1: Why, if I keep a stack of sticky notes, a journal for jotting down thoughts and doodles, AND a digital voice recorder, a Crackberry, and other digital handhelds, do I not use them to keep track of all the blog post ideas I've had in the last month? I've HUNDREDS (okay, maybe TENS) of ideas... all shot to hell, because I didn't jot them down or speak into a little red circle recorder to store them for later. Gah. I'm an idiot. I'm sure they all would have been pure gold, too. ;-)

WHY #2: Even though I've vowed never to discuss her parents, why do I see pictures of little Suri and just smile? Well, I guess you'd be that adorable, too, if you were genetically engineered by aliens. But you have to admit she's cute.

WHY #3: SPIN Rage? Wha? Huh?

WHY #4: Wh... uh, hmm. This one just makes my brain hurt. A man embarrassed by the size of his own manhood asks brother to secretly take his place. During sex. Yep. Hilarity Criminal charges to follow.

WHY #5: Did you see this score? 30-3? Although it looks like a minor trouncing in football, it's actually a record-breaking baseball score. Yes, baseball. The interesting part is the Orioles scored 3 in the first 3 innings. The Rangers were scoreless until the 4th. Maybe this is less of a WHY and more of a "HOW do you lose 30-3 in baseball when you're up 3-0???"

And this concludes today's Friday Why Files.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

I'm still in shock at how busy things are at work. My work year always has it's peaks and valleys, but there's not a valley in my sights right now. Gargh. Without looking back, I can't even tell you when I last posted here. This makes me a Sad Frump.

So, again... here's a quick list of stuff on my mind, since I don't have time for anything else.

1. Humidity sucks. I have stick-straight hair... I work hard to make it look "decent." And it does. Until I walk outside. I've worn my hair in an up-do more than I care to think about lately. Bring on fall weather, please!

2. I don't know why, but I can't stop craving sushi. I would eat sushi every day if I had the chance. We've had sushi probably 5 times in the last two weeks. Even the Bobblehead* was eating some sushi on the Food Network last night. Not helping the cravings.

3. People who have never lived through the destruction of a tornado do not understand the urgency of taking shelter immediately after a warning is announced. Yes, Farm Boy, this means YOU. We were lucky during this last storm... no tornado, but it was one hell of a storm. We were driving through 70-80 mph wind gusts. Scary.

4. I'm sort of looking forward to my class reunion this weekend. There are a lot of people I can't wait to see.

5. Farm Boy joined a gym. He wants me to join, and I'm all for it... unless it's a bunch of "plastics" who go at the same time I do. I left my last gym for that reason. When I go to a gym, I don't want to worry about what I look like... I just want to work out. If I have to get on an elliptical next to Barbie Anorexic with the DD implants, I'm sooooo outta there.

That's all I've got for now. I have a day off on Friday to help College Daughter move into her dorm, and then I'll be readying myself for the reunion activities (read here: try not to look older than I actually am). At any rate, it should be good for a few posts... that is, if I have time to post anything!

Over and out.

*You know who she is.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Catching Up...

Huzzah! The busiest work week of the year is past me. W00T! I might actually be able to post and read blogs again on a regular basis. Imagine that. Here's a quick peek into my brain today:

1. Thanks to those of you who gave me such fabulous suggestions for my day off this coming Monday. I decided, since the weather is so BLAZING hot and thus would prevent any outdoor activities, that I would spend some time at a day spa. I will be the recipient of a fabulous 90 minute massage. Yes. 90 minutes. That should be sheer heaven. Also on the menu is a much needed mani/pedi. Can't wait!!

2. Could this weather be a little more miserable, please? *insert sarcasm here* It's been 95 degrees F or higher with insanely high dew points... pretty much feels like you're walking around in a steam room.

3. We finally bought a new fridge. The old one was somewhat broken... it kept food cold, but mostly froze everything on the bottom shelves. Ever had a frozen head of lettuce? Yikes. Oh, and it leaked a lot, too. Yay. Old and busted fridge is gone. New fridge is in. So, the Farm Boy insisted we take a picture of it. (Sometimes, he scares me.) He even made me pose like an idiot in front of the new fridge. Trust me, under that purple blockhead is the cheesiest grin I can manage. It's a pretty cool (no pun intended) fridge. I would have preferred stainless steel, but that wouldn't match the rest of the kitchen. Oh, well.

4. I'm extremely depressed about my reading progress. Usually by this time of year, I've finished about 25-30 books. So far this year: 15. A stinking 15! It took me 6 weeks to finish my last book, mostly because I rarely had more than 5 minutes or so to devote to reading on any given day. How am I going to read 35 more books by the end of the year? Yeah. It's probably not going to happen. Gah. So depressing.

5. Daughter #1 learned yesterday that she will actually get to live on campus! Super W00T! We'd been told all spring and summer that housing was unavailable-- that she was on a huge waiting list and wouldn't be able to get a room. I was worried that she'd have to live at home and would have a tougher time getting involved in campus life. However, a room opened up yesterday, and she's in. She moves in a couple of weeks. Talk about last minute, but I'm not going to complain. She thinks I want to kick her out of my house; I just want her to be able to experience college life to the fullest. If she lived at home, it would be too much like going to high school... with a longer drive. I think I'm more excited for her new housing than she is. :-)

6. Daughter #2 and I went to Target tonight for the annual back-to-school purchasing. She starts on Monday. BUT... we couldn't find a "cute" book bag. I found several really cool book bags that would be sturdy enough... tons of pockets and cool features. Nope. Not "cute" enough. Gah. I'll be so glad when we're not 14 anymore. So, we purchased everything but a "cute" book bag, AND... I spent less than $100. I have to note these times (for posterity or something), because we rarely ever get out of Target for under $100. In fact, lately we're lucky to get out of there under $300. I love Target. So. Much.

Probably should stop with six list items... but I can't.

7. The Farm Boy and I went to Chipotle this week. It's been a loooooooooooooong time since we've gone. I got that little nervous, giddy feeling in my stomach right before we walked in. Can one have a crush on a burrito? I think "yes." One can, and one does. It was so superly tasty-licious! Of course, I couldn't finish my whole burrito (and I even asked for half the rice), but it was so worth it! I do have to mention, however, that this particular franchise is on my naughty list. This was only my second Chipotle venture in a matter of months, and both times this particular franchise had an "Out of Order" note on the Diet Coke. No other diet soda available. Boo. One cannot enjoy one's burrito with a cup of water... or lemonade. Blech. If it happens again, I might have to get cranky with them. (Or maybe just bring my own bottle of DC with me. )

Okay. Seven list items is a good place to stop. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tell Me What I Want... (what I really really want)...

Instead of whining (again) about how busy I am, I have decided that I should come to you, O Friends of the Bloggy Cosmos, for ideas of what I should/could do to de-stress. After my "two weeks in hell" are over, I will take a day or two off (a Monday and possibly a Tuesday) for mental health.

Please send me your recommendations for my mental health day(s) via the comments. There's always the fall-back massage or pedicure (massage AND pedicure would be nice, too)... but I'm betting you all have amazing ideas that my brain is not capable of conjuring at this moment in time.

There are limited funds, of course... and because I have children, I probably can't jet off to Paris... or even anywhere outside the burgeoning metropolis I call home. Those are your limits, but you can go crazy with the rest of the details.

Thanks for playing.