Thursday, April 23, 2009

Say It Aint So Fido

Do you have dogs? I have three. Seriously. Who needs three dogs? But that's not the point of this post... that's for another post, another time. But I digress...

One of my pet peeves about our dogs is taking them outside to do their business. Actually, only 2 of the 3 go outside (the youngest is still too young and too little. He has puppy pads. THOSE are so much fun and smell absolutely delightful. Yeah.). Oops... digressing again.

We still don't have a fence (even though the Farm Boy insists it's on its way), so we have to take the bigger dogs out on leashes. That's not so much a problem on nice weather days, but we can usually count nice weather days on one hand around here.

I don't have a problem with taking the dogs out when they stop, find a quick spot, do their business, and then run back in. But they're DOGS! Is there a dog on this planet that can find a potty* spot on the first try? I think not.

Nope. Dogs have to sniff a spot and know that it's not good enough. Then they have to sniff another spot 5 inches away... still not good enough. Keep looking. 20 minutes later, they return to the first spot they sniffed which has miraculously turned into a good potty spot. Ooooo-kie dokie.

And then there's me... shouting at them... "just do it already!" like that's going to help them. Hell, a mild breeze that barely ruffles leaves will distract those freaking dogs... and then the good potty spot isn't good enough anymore. Start ALL over.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why it takes so long to find the right place to do their business. Maybe I'll call Cesar Millan to enlighten me or something.

SO anyhoodles... imagine my surprise today as I headed into a Womens Room - a rather large restroom with about 40 or 50 different stalls- and discovered as I walked past stall after stall after stall after stall - I was being picky about which stall to use! I remember thinking... "Oh. My. God. I'm acting like my dogs!"

It wasn't like I poked my head in each one to check for cleanliness, nor were any of them too close to the main restroom door. In fact, they were all extremely clean and set pretty far away from the door. No, I just kept walking and looking for the "right door." And I have no idea why. Considering a person might be in that stall for what totals less than 20 or 30 seconds... does it really matter?

My dogs are little, very yappy, and they think they're bigger and tougher than they really are.

I'm barely 5'4", somewhat mouthy, and... oh crap! Perhaps there are some similarities here.

If I end up on a website that shows side by side pics of owners and dogs that resemble each other, I'm going to be very distraught.

*No, I haven't gone all prim and proper on you. I usually only use the word "potty" when I'm talking to my young nieces or nephew, but I remembered halfway through posting that SOME words that may or may not be synonyms for "potty" tend to bring some bizarre traffic and searches. So, "potty" it is!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beauty vs Talent

So, I haven't blogged for a while. Sorry about that. I'm sure the two readers I still have left were wondering. ;-)

Here's my beef of the week:

The world is all a-buzzin with the fantastic news story out of the UK of this wonderful singer who shocked the world with her amazing voice. I can't embed the video, but here's a link.

As a singer and a vocal coach, I will say that yes, she really is quite good.

What has me outraged is the shock on everyone's face that she's so good. WHY are they all shocked? Because she's 47? Because of the way she looks? Because she's never been kissed? What does that have to do with the quality of her voice????

We have so conditioned ourselves that only extremely beautiful people are worth our time, that it shocks us when people who are not exactly attractive have beauty within them. I'm reminded of a time during the 80s when the group Heart was on their "comeback," but everyone was outraged at how much weight Ann Wilson had gained. They draped her in black and hid her in the shadows of music videos. Funny, but her voice still sounded spectacular to me!

Think about how many times you've watched American Idol or similar shows, and how much emphasis is placed on singers' looks. Yes, I know. We're a visual culture. But think how many incredible musicians and singers are going unnoticed because of the way they look.

If you think I'm overreacting... watch the video again. Watch the faces of the judges and the audience. They were laughing at her before she sang. Their faces were actually smug.

I hope Susan Boyle gets a fabulous recording contract... because regardless of her looks, hairstyle, eyebrows, weight... she will have a voice that is worth our time.