Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Blogger You Should Read

Another reason I love networking tools...

I'm adding a blogger to my blogroll*, because she followed my alter-ego on Twitter. So, I'm following her now, too (although I can't remember which of my personalities is following her) ... and I love her blog!

Her name is Andria and she writes over at Andria and Co.

Take a look. :-)

*wow. I should really update my blogroll. Hmmm...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Helpful Hints-The Blech Edition

Always heed the "Best by..." dates on microwave popcorn.

Trust me.

This edition of Helpful Hints is brought to you by my upset stomach, that icky aftertaste I can't seem to lose, and the ghost of Orville R.

oh! and I have a contest idea... more info coming soon!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why Blogging Is Good For You

1. Blogging can be cathartic, just as journaling is. However, you also find that the benefits of online journaling (yes, this is blogging) are more beneficial because you have an audience. I find I write differently, knowing that someone will read this. My handwritten journal is a scribbly mess, full of incoherent thoughts and doodles. And my blog is... not scribbly. ;-)

2. You can make wonderful Bloggy Friends. Don't believe me? Go click on the link of Cool Kids in my sidebar (which, yes, needs updating! I know, I know). Follow some of their blogs for a while, and you will find some truly amazing people... some of whom I've actually met face-to-face. They're just as cool in person as they are 'on blog.'

3. Sometimes, you win things. :-) Thanks 3car!

At one point early in my Grumpy Frump blogging existence, I had a contest. The winner was Jaek. He won a $25 gift card to Target.

Perhaps I shall have another contest! Yes, I shall. As soon as I figure out some really cool prize, I will post the info. It might have something to do with Chipotle, but then that would eliminate those of you who don't have any Chipotle near you. Hmmm...

Stay tuned!

Friday, March 06, 2009

A PSA for Stinky Pits

Over the last four years of blogging, I've chuckled at some of my Bloggy Friends who have posted funny stories about how they went to work and realized later that they had forgotten to apply deodorant/antiperspirant that morning. "Ha ha!" I laughed at their misfortune, and of course, their humorous recounting of the tale. One such Bloggy Friend, who unfortunately no longer blogs, posted about this several times... because she experienced this misfortune more than once. Read this tale here.

So... you would think... after FOUR years of laughing at other people... I would learn from their mistakes. Alas, no. I did not.

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far- nearly 70 degrees F in a state that usually has snow through parts of April. Needless to say, it was WARM.

And. I. Forgot. Deodorant.

I didn't really notice it until about 1:00pm. Luckily, I wear that clinical strength stuff, and it will sometimes last through the next day, even if you shower. When I returned to work from lunch, I started smelling something "off," but I didn't realize it was me. Sad, but true.

Soon, I started thinking, "Hmm. Why is my deodorant wearing off so quickly today? I smell FUNKY!"

On my short walk to the office restroom, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't even applied any deodorant that morning! Ew. I hate stinkiness.

I quickly checked the bathroom 'stash' to see if anyone had any. Nope.

I asked other women in the office. Nope.

I twittered to see what I could do, because of course, I had run out of time and couldn't hop over to a store. There was a class beginning in 10 minutes, and I had to be there.

My nice Twitter friends (who also blog) gave me some good suggestions, plus I also did a quick search for "deodorant substitute."

Here's what I found:

1. Wash your underarms with hand soap and dry.
2. If you can find some hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, wipe a thin layer on your underarms with a tissue. This will take care of the bacteria.
3. Find some powder, cornstarch, or baking soda. If you have all three or any two of them, mix them together. Apply thin layer to underarms.

Couldn't find any powder or cornstarch, but I DID find baking soda in the staff kitchen, as well as some Purell. SWEET! Guess what, it actually works!

AND... this morning, I brought a back-up deodorant to work.... just in case. ;-)

So, please take it from me. Laugh at me. Feel sorry for me. But be sure you have a back-up deodorant, because it will probably happen to you sometime. And then you will be stinky.

This Helpful Hint is brought to you by Purell, Arm & Hammer, Secret Clinical Strength (they're not really sponsoring me-you know what I mean) and the letters P and U.