Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I usually am cheerful on the day of my birth, because I like parties and celebrating. But this is one I'd rather not even acknowledge.

Why is it that, when your age is a number followed by a "0," it feels like the means to an end? Gah.

So, I'm not posting a picture of me when I was little like I usually do (well, except last year when I forgot). I'm not going to quote the Beatles in my post title this year. I'm planning on moping around all day until it's over.

No, I'm not depressed or angst-ridden. Just... hmmm... not into it, I guess. Last night, I just kept thinking that I wanted to skip the whole day entirely. Since that wasn't an option, I'm just going to treat this like any other day.

On a lighter, cheerier note, stinkypaw is a great Bloggy Friend! :-)

Happy Wednesday!


Stinkypaw said...

Happy birthday and thank you! Who cares what the numbers say, they're numbers, just numbers remember that. Think of it this way, it could be worst: in dog years, you'd be dead! Hee.

Love the cat face, can I use it for my profile picture?

3carnations said...

Happy birthday!

the cubicle's backporch said...

So you're 20 now! What's the big deal?


Happy Birthday!

Stefanie said...

Happy birthday!

I love that last comment. :-)

-R- said...

Happy birthday!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Thanks everyone!

Greg said...

Well... even if you weren't planning on enjoying it, I hope you enjoyed your birthday anyway! :)

tiger said...