Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Apologies... to Blogger and to my Right Hand.

Well, I have unfairly blamed Blogger for my recent inability to login or even comment on other blogs. Apparently, we are having browser issues. On more than one computer. Yikes.

But this one works!

So, what have I been up to? I've taken two major tests in one of my grad classes. I'm certain I aced one... have no idea about the second. Not sure what he wanted, which doesn't make me feel good. But for two questions that were to be essay answers, I wrote 8 pages. EIGHT. OCHO. Excessive? I think not. However...

I can't feel my fingers on my right hand. I don't write anything anymore... it's all type-ity type type, clackety clack on a keyboard. I wasn't even sure my right hand remembered HOW to write. Apparently, eight pages later, it did.

Honestly... beyond signing a few checks here and there and maybe a few legal documents every so often... I don't write anymore! In high school and undergrad classes, writing eight pages would have been a piece of cake. Not so much now. Oh, well.

As for the school stuff, I still have a project to finish, a 25 page secondary research paper to begin (due Nov. 6... eeeek!), and three more tests. All this for 6 lousy credits. Gah. Credits that won't get me any salary advancement or that are 100% necessary. Color me stupid.

Sooooooo, now that I know Blogger doesn't hate me, I guess I'll be around again. Not that I have oodles and oodles of readers anymore. :-)

On that fabulously, self-pitying remark... please leave a comment. I just want to know who's around without having to check my Sitemeter stats. Pretty please?


jadine said...

I read! I read! Granted, I'm a lurker, and I can't even remember how I found you --- but I read and look forward to your posts :)

About writing, I find myself having difficulty proof-reading the writing that my 5th grader does. I have a PhD. I think my brain is sloooowly disintegrating.

But that's okay. Don't need much of a brain to watch lots and lots (and lots) of little-league games, right?

Anyhoo, keep blogging! I come back every day :) Yeah, you're all, like, whatever.

stefanie said...

I hear you on the not writing anymore thing. On the very rare occasion that I write a letter by hand or actually take out my long-neglected journal, my hand starts cramping up by the end of one page. Let's not even talk about how much my handwriting has deteriorated!

By the way, I posted my final draft of the reading I had to write for my friend's wedding. Maybe you already saw that; I just wanted to let you know because I DID work in a Princess Bride reference. :-)

Stinkypaw said...

I've been checking up on you almost daily... and I'll keep reading if you keep posting.

Sorry I couldn't help you more in your "Blogger issues", and anticipated congrats on the aced test. Those feel good.

I still write a lot "manually", like keep a journal, I love to write with a nice pen & paper... call me crazy!

P.S. I did answer your question on my last post... Hee

-R- said...

I'm here! I'm glad you can get onto your own blog again!

3carnations said...

Hi! You missed delurking day by about a week, but it still counts! :)

CDP said...

I might be having the same issue; I just left a comment and it disappeared, so you might see the same comment twice! I found your blog recently (I can't remember how now) and have been reading every day for a few weeks, so it's time to de-lurk. I seem to have smoked the same crack pipe, too, since I woke up one day not too long ago and said "hmmm, kids, husband, house, full-time job...PLENTY of time to go back to school". Keep blogging, I'm adding you to my blogroll now.

lizgwiz said...

I totally can't write longhand any more. It's physically painful. Even my signature is now barely legible.

Sparkling Cipher said...

I'm still around. Bloglines lets me know when you have time to post, so sometimes it might not look like I'm visiting, but I still reading.

Paisley said...

I'm here! Ususally via google reader, but I'm here!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck with your paper. I'd be toiling away all panicked and such on Nov. 5. hee.

wire said...

Here with bells on.

Karen MEG said...

I am terrible at longhand. I even had to type a letter in to my son's new teacher (my short note became a novel).
Good luck with your paper and the tests. You won't regret your Masters - you'll feel great having it under your belt. Having finished my MBA while working fulltime and having a baby halfway through the program, I can certainly sympathize :).
Hang in there, you'll make it - I still can't believe I ever did that, but I've got the paper to prove it and no one can take that away from me LOL!

Lori said...

I'm still here! But I changed sites on my blog!

I'm glad you're back. I missed you.