Sunday, December 16, 2007

Five Thoughts...

1. I have one final on Wednesday, and then I am done with school for this semester. Huzzah. And it should be a really, really easy final. A bigger HUZZAH.

2. One week left of work before Winter Break. A ginormous HUZZAH!

3. How many 'Js' are there in the words, "upgrade you?" Oh, yeah. NONE.

4. Burger King wanted to prove how popular their Whopper is by taking it OFF their menu for a day? Wow. That's genius. Piss off your loyal customers for a day. Good thing I never eat Whoppers, or else I'd have to boycott them. But I never really go to BK anyway, so I guess they don't really care.

5. I was in a minor car accident about 3 weeks ago... just got my vehicle back. I'm glad to have it back because that means I'm no longer paying $180 a week in rental car fees... but I do miss the satellite radio in the rental car. Maybe SOMEONE will get that for me for Christmas (Farm Boy, this means YOU).

That is all.


Stefanie said...

Huzzah indeed on those first two. Congrats and good luck! (Maybe those should be in the reverse order...)

Bummer about the car accident! Hope everyone involved is OK.

Lori said...

I completely agree with number 4. I think that commercial is ridiculous. Why are some people's faces bleeped out? Do the people ordering find out later that they were fooled? And then do they get a free Whopper? These lingering questions are annoying!

I am curious about number 3.

Good luck on the final! Don't forget a bottle of wine/champagne to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your last final!

Sorry about the car accident. But I'm glad you're ok!

Nessa said...

My husband has Sirius in his work truck and LOVES it.

I don't get #3.

Huzzah is right on the breaks.

Ludicrousity said...

J's in upgrade you????

I never go to BK, which is called 'Hungry Jacks' here.

I've been driving a rental car for 11 and a half months now because my mechanic is an incompetent moron who is paying for me to have a rental car coz he can't get around to fixing mine.

red said...

Whee! Congrats. I thought that BK thing was just a joke for their commercial; they really did it? Ha, with my luck I'd find myself on TV screaming about how I can't live without Whoppers, then vehemently denying that was me to everyone I know.

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