Thursday, May 08, 2008

5 Things That Are Not Really Important

Been extremely busy at work, and then things have been busy on the homefront, too. May is always a really hectic time of year.

So... here are just a few things on my mind:

1) I saw a spot on the Today Show that Crest Pro Health Rinse can leave brown spots on your teeth. Has this happened to anyone? I just bought two GINORMOUS bottles of this stuff.

2) If you saw a person holding a baby on his/her lap while driving, what would you do? The Farm Boy saw this a couple of weeks ago, and he called the police. Thinking they probably wouldn't do anything, he was pleasantly surprised when a patrol car showed up almost immediately. This might seem a little "narc-ish" to some of you (I hope not), but I was really happy that he made that call.

3) As much as I would like to think I'm a rebel, I'm pretty much a stickler for certain rules. For example, if I'm not allowed to park in a certain part of a parking lot... I don't. And it really burns my biscuits when someone else does. I know, I know... don't have a cow over something that isn't really your business. But it kind of is my business. Our parking lot at work and then the walk into the building is a little over 200 yards. Yes, that's two football fields. Big deal. Well, it is when it's raining. Anyway, some jerk parked his brand new red GT in the "reserved" stalls yesterday... AND he double-parked it. I sooooooooooo wanted to key that car. But I didn't. See? Not a rebel.

4) This spring season is about the prettiest spring I've seen in many, many years. Is that true for those of you also experiencing spring right now? Perhaps the very cold winter we had prepared us for a fabulous, awe-inspiring spring. I'm hoping I can go on a little photo retreat Friday afternoon. The colors are just amazing!! I'll post some if I do.

5) I don't really have five things... but I can't just leave it at 4. So maybe I'm a little Monk-ish. Sue me. haha


3carnations said...

I'm glad he called the police. I would too. That's child endangerment. Oh, and just plain stupid, too.

J & J Acres said...

I'm impressed that he called the police too.

And I totally agree with the parking. People will park in whatever spot they can get in here at work, which means sometimes it's hard for me to get out of my legal parking spot. I just want to ram the hell out of their car to make a point. And that usually happens on SUNNY days too! Like it would kill them to walk a little farther.

lizgwiz said...

Yay for Farm Boy. It takes a village to keep a kid from being killed by a parent's negligence.

Spring is looking pretty lush here, too. The theory being that the extra "pruning" done by the Great Ice Storm of Ought-Seven is helping things along.

I wouldn't have keyed that car, either...but I might have flipped it off. ;)

-R- said...

I agree with the others. I'm glad Farm Boy called, and I'm glad the police were quick to respond.

I still don't feel like it is warm enough here for me to celebrate spring!

Stefanie said...

I'm a rule-follower, too. I mean, I speed, sure, and I'm sure I'm guilty of other minor transgressions. But I'll blindly follow the instructions on most signs, and I would NEVER drive with a baby on my lap. (Was Britney in town??)

Poppy Cede said...

3. I would have called whoever tows the cars and told them about this special little car that's just so cute and stuff that you saw outside! ::batting eyelashes::

Stinkypaw said...

At least the cops came, good call FB. I often feel that the don't even bother for certain type of calls.

and I'm with Poppy for no.3 ...