Monday, May 12, 2008

Four Entirely Different Wake Up Calls

1. Do you have music or certain bands that you like in spite of yourself?

Example: I really loved Maroon 5 before they became famous. And now... meh. I could take or leave Adam Levine. Really. And one of our radio stations here plays at least one Maroon 5 tune an hour... seriously. So, that means, my chances of hearing Maroon 5 on the radio are pretty great. Usually, I roll my eyes and change to another station. (Okay, Farm Boy... really? Could we PUH-LEEZE get my Sirius radio installed in my new car? Pretty please?!?!)

But SOMETIMES... I can't make myself change the station. Because I kind of like them. Yes, even though most of their songs are indistinguishable from the others. And I don't WANT to like them. Gah.

Oh, to live in a world where our only problems are getting hooked on a music group we really don't want to like.

2. Does it seem to you that there have been a lot of weather-related tragedies in a very short amount of time? What's interesting is watching the number of young people who have joined groups in Facebook or somewhere within their RL* communities to see what they can do to help. I love, love, LOVE what Web 2.0, for lack of a better term, has done to help people become more globally aware and INVOLVED.

3. Mother's Day came and went. Kids and Farm Boy did a nice job of making me feel special, but I have a bit of a problem celebrating a "holiday" that was probably created out of good intentions and has more recently become commercialized to a fault. (how was THAT for a run-on sentence? Yeehaw!)

I know and love many women in my life who are not mothers-- either by choice or by "nature." For those out of choice, the "holiday" is just another day. For those where the desire to have children is great, but "nature" has determined otherwise... that holiday can be a nightmare. Still yet... there are those who are mothers of lost children. And my heart just breaks for my friends in those situations. But Hallmark doesn't make a card for them.

And everyone goes about pretending that the commercialism really doesn't hurt anyone. I disagree.

4. Just had to share something funny about a meeting this morning... btw, 8:00 Monday morning meetings should be outlawed... I'm just sayin'.

My boss was all chipper and happy at the start of our meeting... she teaches an early morning class before she goes to work (like a 5:00am class!), so she's always rarin' to go! She remarked today about how she forgets that not everyone is a morning person like her. If you know me at all, you know the depth of that understatement! I'm thinking she must have drawn the short straw when she got me... Miss "can't truly function until sometime after 10:00am. Oh, if it's Monday, let's make that 11:00am."

I mentioned something to the same effect, and we all had a good chuckle about it. It's nice to be able to joke at work... when we all realize our differences and can look on them as "differences, " and not "weaknesses."

Yikes. Does this last part make me sound like I'm in a good mood? How can that be? Don't worry... I'll be back to something that annoys me tomorrow, I'm certain.

*RL= real life


lizgwiz said...

I agree, it does seem that Mother Nature has been particularly vengeful the last week or two. Scary.

Stinkypaw said...

Maybe Mother nature is acting this way because she doesn't have a card at Hallmark either?!

Whatever pissed her off did it good!

Ludicrousity said...

I kind of liked maroon 5 when they first came out, but their new music is truly awful... Can't think of anyone I like in spite of myself, although I'm sure there are some!
I'm with you on point 2!
Glad you had a good mother's day.
Mornings are evil...