Monday, October 27, 2008

Grumpy Helpful Hints- Numero Uno

Since I don't have time to write huge, existential, super important blog posts for you all right now, I figured I could at least do some Helpful Hints. In other words, I will help you all to learn from my moronic mistakes. ;-)

So, here is Grumpy Helpful Hint Numero Uno:

When you eat microwaved mashed potatoes (like, maybe, in a Lean Cuisine meal), ALWAYS stir the potatoes really, really well before taking a huge bite. Otherwise, you will suffer from what I'm sure is third degree esophageal burns.

This hint is brought to you today by Lean Cuisine (not really... but here's a shout-out to them anyway) and my sheer stupidity.


the cubicle's backporch said...

hee hee. It's always a good reminder to stir your food up.

I hope your esophageal burns heal nicely. (Is that an actual word? Or one you made up? Esophageal?)

jadine said...

Cubicle - yes, that's a word! I'm a speech therapist, and I, too, have suffered such agonies. For me, though, it's usually re-heated mac & cheese and the entire roof of my mouth peels off. Super-deluxe!

lizgwiz said...

And yet, the center of the mashed potato portion of the meal is always icy. Is that on purpose, to cool the burns?

(I think I'm offended that my verification "word" is "unhot." Heh.)