Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Heh heh.


How's it GOING? What? Did I forget to post for a while? Whoops. It's only been since June. (is it sad that I have a whole label for "blogging hiatus? Don't answer that.)

So, you'd think I would take my first post after a 3 month hiatus a little more seriously. Instead, I have a whole glass of wine under my belt... and if you have read much of my blog, you know I'm a SERIOUS lightweight. (and if you had any idea how long it has taken me to type this paragraph, you would laugh your arse off, point fingers at me, and call me a cheap date.)

So, my job change is SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC. I love my new/old job (returned to previous field). Every day is an adventure, and I'm happy again. That's a good feeling, let me tell ya.

I'm also 10 lbs lighter, thanks to an horrific intestinal infection over the summer. Bad news is that I was really, really sick. Good news is a) I'm not sick anymore, and b) I haven't put that weight back on. Not that I would recommend any of it as a weight loss option, but hey. Only 8 more pounds to go. W00T. (Just kidding. No angry comments please. Unless you're my only commenter, then go ahead and be angry. I can live with that.)

Well, a major case of the tipsies and typing do not mix for this chiquitita. How does one ramble for 4 paragraphs while stating absolutely nothing? Apparently, it can be done.

In the meantime, check out this site: *UPDATE: oops. Wrong link. See? I shouldn't blog and drink. ;-) Here's the real link:

It's not new, but it's clever, and I like it. I think you might, too.

I plan to be back more regularly (ha! she's said THAT before!) now that I'm not angry all the time. I might even be funny again someday. One can only hope.

Drop me a line... I miss you guys.

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