Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Another Sucky Thing

Why it sucks to be me, Reason #4232101

Doctor took me off birth control pills. Because of a surgical decision I made in my 20s, birth control wasn't really necessary (took them for other health reasons). 

Yay! I actually feel better! (this is a good thing... a very good thing!)

Holy crap! I'm breaking out like a 16 year old boy working the fryer at McDonald's! (this is a bad thing!)

Dear Whoever Cares, I'm 41 years old. I do not need zits on my chin. Thanks for listening.


Stinkypaw said...

I guess there's a price to pay for feeling better...

3carnations said...

Glad you feel better!

As a small advertisement, you should try the Avon Clearskin Professional line. Hubby uses it, and he loves it. :-) And if you don't have an Avon rep, of course I'd be glad to help... :-)

Hope you keep feeling better!

Poppy said...

Life is ironically stupid like that.

I shouldn't need to take birth control to not have zits at 35, but I do. So, thanks for letting me know I'll never be able to stop taking it if I want clear skin.

don't call me MA'AM said...

@stinkypaw funny how sometimes, vanity wins? Zits make me super grumpy... grumpier than when I don't feel well. haha Honestly, I'll take the zits over aches and pains, but begrudgingly!

@3car I have really sensitive skin, and I can only use Cetaphil. Everything else leaves burn like marks on my face. Thanks for the offer, though! :-)

@Poppy glad to be of service. ;-)

-R- said...

I had super horrible acne while I was pregnant. UGH. I'm so glad you're feeling better though!