Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Wow. 2 posts in one day. Someone please check the temperature in hell.

Just because I don't want to be so cryptic, and because I also haven't checked my email in months:

1. I'm okay. Kind of.
2. Doctors still don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but they have ruled out a few things already.
3. Some days are really good. Some days... not so much.
4. My Farm Boy (husband for those who don't remember his nickname) has the patience of a saint.
5. I really miss my Bloggy Friends.

I'm not around these parts much. Some of it is because my new job keeps me really busy. Extremely HAPPY, but busy.

And well, the rest is that I try to get as much rest as I can. I used to be able to stay up until all hours of the night blogging and reading other blogs... now I'm usually in bed by 9:00 or 10:00.

Overall, things are good in life. Now if we could just get this ONE thing resolved, life would be even better.

Miss you guys. :-(


-R- said...

I really do hope they figure it out soon. I'm glad to hear everything else is going well.

Stinkypaw said...

Hope all will get figured out soon, and happy to see you again around here... Miss you too.

3carnations said...

I hope they figure it out soon. Good to hear from you. :-)

lizgwiz said...

Ditto for me on the "hope they figure it out soon" wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Julie Marie said...

Consider fibromyalgia. I've had a grandmother and an aunt and a good friend all, after five years of endless testing, be diagnosed. It's real and exhausting and painful. Consider massage therapy as a treatment. I'm a massage therapist, and some of my most dedicated clients are those with the exact symptoms you mentioned. Good luck!

queen of string said...

I know I just popped by but I couldn't read and run. I'd also like to vote for FM. My experience is that massage, rest and lowering stress can help. Being true to myself also seems to help, weirdly. Being adaptive to other people seems to make it worse. At least these things dont make you gain 5lbs :-S

joven said...

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don't call me MA'AM said...

Thanks all!

@Julie and @Queen-- I've seen a rheumatologist. I don't fit the bill for FM, because I don't have the 'tender points' they typically see in FM.

Oddly enough, the warmer weather is making things a little better. We are treating as low-lying arthritis at this point. Cold and damp makes things worse. Go figure. ;-)

queen of string said...

I'm pleased for you that you're getting some relief. Stress seems to be a big factor for me, but a bit of sun always helps :-)