Friday, January 19, 2007

A Fun and Fabulous Friday Why Files...

WHY #1 : If you’re going to steal something, why wouldn’t you make sure you knew something about what you’re stealing? You know, like, maybe those things that look like cell phones might actually be GPS systems? And you know, like, maybe the GPS is still activated on the devices and might lead the police right to your home? You know… that kind of stuff.

WHY #2 : Ummm… just why?

WHY #3 : Why, when reports of record high winter temperatures are all over the US, would you think that driving over a lake would be a good idea?

WHY #4 : Tell me again… why SHOULDN’T I get drunk, wander into a tiger enclosure in Siberia, and share a pack of potato crisps? What? You mean the tiger might bite me? Nah.

WHY #5 : Why is eating spaghetti no laughing matter? Because you could choke on your dining utensils… AND get them stuck in your gullet… AND live to tell the story. Can you imagine showing your grandchildren x-ray photo souvenirs of your esophagus? Bitchin’!

WHY #6: Why can't we have more episodes on TV like last night's Scrubs? Loved it!!! I can't decide if my new favorite song is Guy Love or Everything Comes Down to Poo.

And that concludes Today’s Friday Why Files…


Ludicrousity said...

Once again, peopel are just idiots.


Libragirl said...

1 Makes me proud to be a Long Islander. Not all of us are that stupid.

2/3 No link work

4. Damn, that was my plan for the weekend. Eating chips with tigers. Maybe I'll stick to chips and dip with the princess.

5. How, just how

6 LOVED IT. Guy Love, favorite new song.

don't call me MA'AM said...

ludi: Totally agree... I still think I need to have a "Dumbass of the Week" feature instead of Friday Why. ;-)

libragirl: that was so weird... the links worked yesterday. There was some odd code in them today. Anyway, they're fixed now.

I still can't decide between the two songs, though. The Poo song was pretty witty, but the Guy Love had me rolling on the floor!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(Gee, do you think there's some spam in that there comment?? Grrr!)

Once again, Ludi nailed it. People are idiots. In so many ways...

(I haven't started The Thirteenth Tale, btw - it's in the stack! I'm eager to get to it, though.)

Anonymous said...

I actually liked "Everything Comes Down to Poo" the best. Probably because the word "poo" just kills me, every damn time. I was going to quote a lyric from it here, but I realized that might scare your readers who didn't watch Scrubs, so I'll refrain.

don't call me MA'AM said...

tammara: and POOF! The spammer is gone. I like magic. haha

Yes, they are idiots. It seriously makes me worry about the human race sometimes.

I hope you like that book as much as I did. Although some of the twists and turns are a little predictable, the story still unwinds in such an entertaining way... I just really enjoyed it!

metalia: I think that's the same with me with the Poo song. I especially loved the "doo doo's" at the end. haha

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of Scrubs and I love every episode, but that musical episode has become one of my favorites. Best song ever: Guy Love. I also liked the one Dr. Cox sang about all of JD's annoying traits.

I love Scrubs

don't call me MA'AM said...

jaek: I liked how they made every song reminiscent of another musical song. Dr. Cox's song reminded me of the "Modern Major General" from Pirates of Penzance. Absolutely my favorite episode ever!

Anonymous said...

Tigers like potato chips better than live pray right? Right?

I'm not sure what episode that is, is it season six? I've only just got the first six episodes of season six and are yet to watch any.

Anonymous said...

my vote is with "Guy Love" - hysterical

I have a nerd crush on J.D.


don't call me MA'AM said...

paul: absolutely... doesn't everyone prefer potato chips to live prey? haha

The musical episode was new this season, FYI.

Lynne: I also have a nerd crush on J.D.! He's just too cute and nerdy.