Saturday, July 28, 2007

Detonation in Three, Two, One...


Sorry... had to get that out before I exploded.

Am having busiest season of all time at that PLACE THAT SHALL NOT BE BLOGGED ABOUT*. It will all be over in two weeks, but all the same... I feel like jumping off a cliff. I hate this time of year.

On top of that, was offered my dream job, but had to turn it down. Because.Of.Money. Gah! If it were even close, I would have jumped on it, but it would have been substantially less money. With Daughter #1 starting college in a month (and three more to follow in only a few years)... no way. Even if we didn't have a child starting college, we couldn't have done it. Can I just say how much that sucks? I have literally trapped myself in this income bracket... yes, there are a lot of sacrifices we could make, but those would be sacrifices that we ALL would have to make, not just me. Plus... I'm approaching 40... is it practical to go back to the scrimping and saving and scraping by that I did in my 20s? I don't think it is. I need to be practical and think about retirement and other responsible crap like that. Gah. This SUUUUUUCCCCCKS. Oh, well. C'est la vie.

I think someone has it in for me. ** Busiest, most stressful time of work ever, PMS, and shifting weather fronts which have the tendency to give me migraines. I'm going to be such a peach this coming week!

Okay. Ending self-pity party now.

So, how was YOUR week? ;-)

On a much lighter and more fun-like note, here is my Simpsons avatar. You can make yours at the Simpsons Movie site. Please to enjoy.

* I know it's grammatically incorrect, but I really don't give a rat's bum this time.

** Of course, not really. But maybe. Perhaps?


Stinkypaw said...

That sucks about the job. A friend once told me to do what I loved and money would come. I believe it's true except that there are moments in life where money needs to be there now! I understand that much!

Hang in there, you'll get through it. And BTW, turning 40 isn't that bad... ;-)

Alyssa said...

The job thing stinks - but there may be other opportunities in the future. Isn't there a saying about doors and windows?

I don't think you have to compromise. In fact, I think that after years of hard work and dedication to your career you can make the choices you want - the the choices forced upon you.

goldennib said...

It's funny how our lives parallel. I'm stuck in my job too for the same reason and summers are so busy.

I love your firey hair.

don't call me MA'AM said...

stinkypaw: thanks... and you're right. My next birthday is the one before 40 anyway. :-)

alyssa: so, I shouldn't feel badly about not wanting to keep track of what's in my bank account? haha

goldennib: we can have a pity party together! Huzzah! And thanks... I thought the firey hair would be a nice addition to my overall blockhead look!