Thursday, August 09, 2007

Catching Up...

Huzzah! The busiest work week of the year is past me. W00T! I might actually be able to post and read blogs again on a regular basis. Imagine that. Here's a quick peek into my brain today:

1. Thanks to those of you who gave me such fabulous suggestions for my day off this coming Monday. I decided, since the weather is so BLAZING hot and thus would prevent any outdoor activities, that I would spend some time at a day spa. I will be the recipient of a fabulous 90 minute massage. Yes. 90 minutes. That should be sheer heaven. Also on the menu is a much needed mani/pedi. Can't wait!!

2. Could this weather be a little more miserable, please? *insert sarcasm here* It's been 95 degrees F or higher with insanely high dew points... pretty much feels like you're walking around in a steam room.

3. We finally bought a new fridge. The old one was somewhat broken... it kept food cold, but mostly froze everything on the bottom shelves. Ever had a frozen head of lettuce? Yikes. Oh, and it leaked a lot, too. Yay. Old and busted fridge is gone. New fridge is in. So, the Farm Boy insisted we take a picture of it. (Sometimes, he scares me.) He even made me pose like an idiot in front of the new fridge. Trust me, under that purple blockhead is the cheesiest grin I can manage. It's a pretty cool (no pun intended) fridge. I would have preferred stainless steel, but that wouldn't match the rest of the kitchen. Oh, well.

4. I'm extremely depressed about my reading progress. Usually by this time of year, I've finished about 25-30 books. So far this year: 15. A stinking 15! It took me 6 weeks to finish my last book, mostly because I rarely had more than 5 minutes or so to devote to reading on any given day. How am I going to read 35 more books by the end of the year? Yeah. It's probably not going to happen. Gah. So depressing.

5. Daughter #1 learned yesterday that she will actually get to live on campus! Super W00T! We'd been told all spring and summer that housing was unavailable-- that she was on a huge waiting list and wouldn't be able to get a room. I was worried that she'd have to live at home and would have a tougher time getting involved in campus life. However, a room opened up yesterday, and she's in. She moves in a couple of weeks. Talk about last minute, but I'm not going to complain. She thinks I want to kick her out of my house; I just want her to be able to experience college life to the fullest. If she lived at home, it would be too much like going to high school... with a longer drive. I think I'm more excited for her new housing than she is. :-)

6. Daughter #2 and I went to Target tonight for the annual back-to-school purchasing. She starts on Monday. BUT... we couldn't find a "cute" book bag. I found several really cool book bags that would be sturdy enough... tons of pockets and cool features. Nope. Not "cute" enough. Gah. I'll be so glad when we're not 14 anymore. So, we purchased everything but a "cute" book bag, AND... I spent less than $100. I have to note these times (for posterity or something), because we rarely ever get out of Target for under $100. In fact, lately we're lucky to get out of there under $300. I love Target. So. Much.

Probably should stop with six list items... but I can't.

7. The Farm Boy and I went to Chipotle this week. It's been a loooooooooooooong time since we've gone. I got that little nervous, giddy feeling in my stomach right before we walked in. Can one have a crush on a burrito? I think "yes." One can, and one does. It was so superly tasty-licious! Of course, I couldn't finish my whole burrito (and I even asked for half the rice), but it was so worth it! I do have to mention, however, that this particular franchise is on my naughty list. This was only my second Chipotle venture in a matter of months, and both times this particular franchise had an "Out of Order" note on the Diet Coke. No other diet soda available. Boo. One cannot enjoy one's burrito with a cup of water... or lemonade. Blech. If it happens again, I might have to get cranky with them. (Or maybe just bring my own bottle of DC with me. )

Okay. Seven list items is a good place to stop. Happy Weekend!


Sparkling Cipher said...

I just realized that it looks like my whole comment with suggestions for your days off did not post. Urgh, sorry. Mostly it was museums and movies and window shopping type stuff - the kind that you might not take time to do if you have work or errands on your mind. But the massage and mani/pedi sound like heaven.

I commuted throughout my whole college experience, and sometimes I think I didn't really have a "whole college experience." I saved a lot of money, but I didn't meet as many people from different backgrounds and join in as many activities as I might have if I had not been driving home every afternoon. I think she'll be better for the experience.

We now have a Chipotle nearby! Actually it's about 20 miles away, halfway between work and home. I haven't had a chance to stop because when I saw it, we were on a mission to hit a couple store before they closed, but I will find time to stop. I have to see for myself why everybody raves about it.

Good to see you back!

goldennib said...

I am so glad your workload will be reduced. Your upcoming spa day sounds lovely. New frig, cool.

Your daughter will love living on campus. Great fun.

I like to shop for back to school stuff but no one is going back to school. Maybe I should. I love school.

-R- said...

Good news about Daughter #1!

And the fridge looks great!

Stinkypaw said...

Good looking fridge and I had a feeling you were grinning under that square! ;-)

Cool for Daughter #1, I'm sure once she's there she'll thank you for the experience!

Alyssa said...

I make Deeps take my picture whenever we do projects. So there is a picture of me standing near my newly installed peephole while holding my drill and grinning like a crazy person.

And for some reason I wore my hair in braids, so I kind of look like the Wendy's girl. Weird.

Glad to hear you went for 90 minutes of massage. That reminds me, I should really call someone....

tiger said...