Monday, August 27, 2007

We Partied Like It Was 1987... but not really.

The reunion was fun... the informal night was better than the formal night, but that's to be expected. Saw a lot of people I hoped would come. Learned that I don't look as old as I think I do. I suppose that's a good thing. The Farm Boy was a total trooper. I owe him big time.

Quick quiz!

While at the reunion, I learned that one of my former classmates is now a(n):

a) doctor
b) lawyer
c) teacher
d) famous adult web site star
e) all of the above

Yep... lots of talent in our class, I must say.

And a question for you... is it completely narcissistic of me to be more thrilled that I had a good hair day for the dinner/dance than I was in reconnecting with some old friends??? Yeah? I thought so, too. So, umm... I guess I wasn't actually more thrilled about the hair, but it was a close second. ;-)

That's all I have... it was okay and fun at times, but nothing much really to post about.


Alyssa said...

Look - there are photos, you want some good hair. I can't begrudge you that.

Your class really is talented! So how was the food? Did anyone get really drunk and make a fool of him/her self?

lizgwiz said...

Of COURSE you should be concerned about your hair. It's a reunion. It's all about impressing your old classmates, and since YOU didn't become a famous adult film star (I assume?) you've got to go with what you have. Hee.

-R- said...

I hope it wasn't one person who was all of those things!

Did you get to tour the school? It has changed so much since I went there that I would actually be interested to see it now.

Red said...

Does anyone else really want to know more about this adult website star?

goldennib said...

Sometimes we just have to experience things, not always tell our internet buddies. Glad you had fun and a good hair day.

Stinkypaw said...

Happy to read that you look younger than you think and that some of old schoolmates are "making it" out in the real world! Glad you had a good time.

wire said...

How strange to see people again after all this time - so many names to remember!

don't call me MA'AM said...

alyssa: that's what I was thinking, too. I haven't had a good hair day since, so I must have had good karma for the weekend. And yes... some guy got REALLY stinking drunk and made a complete fool of himself.

lizgwiz: you are correct in assuming that I am not the adult web site star, and I absolutely had to go with what I have. Plus I had the Farm Boy as man candy. That's always a good thing! ;-)

-r-: actually, there are several who are doctors, lawyers, and teachrs... only one of the other. hee hee And no, I didn't go on the tour. I work in the district, and I'm in that building all the time. It is REALLY different, though!

red: I might email you some info, but I have no desire to put her name here. I don't want all her web hits, that's for sure!

goldennib: absolutely. :-) Very well put. Thanks!

stinkypaw: thank you! And it was a pretty good time.

wire: I have a freakish memory, so I remember pretty much everyone. Our class had about 600 people, and there are only a couple whose names I didn't know. Now, not all 600 showed up, but I still scared a few of them with tales from elementary/primary school.