Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Closed on Account of Cold...

C'mon... admit it. You want to live in a place where the weather gets so cold, the wind chill so dangerous, that they close school. And some businesses. That's what is happening here tomorrow.

Why are all the images of hell depicted with flames, brimstone, smoke? Because I'm pretty sure those images are wrong. Yes, sirree. I am betting that hell is actually a place where the weather takes a 50 degree plunge in less than 24 hours. A place where, if you walk outside, the insides of your nostrils freeze instantly... and that is a pain you can only pretend to understand unless you've actually experienced it.

And I'm also betting that hell's real name is Nebraska.


lizgwiz said...

Well, I've often experienced the 40-50 degree temperature plunge, but here it's generally from 75 down to 25. And then back up the next day. I don't ever want my nostrils to freeze!

Stefanie said...

If hell's name is Nebraska, obviously Minnesota is a suburb of hell.