Monday, February 04, 2008

All the News You I Need on Toes, Pete Lee, and the NFL...

1) I'm calling the doctor tomorrow about my toes. They're still messed up, and the swelling is at the joints between the metatarsals and phalanges. In other words, not the "toe knuckles," but the place where the toes meet the rest of the foot. The suckiest thing is that I think I'm messing up the rest of my foot by not walking normally. Ridiculous. Call a doctor already, you big baby. Or else I will take the advice of wire and and lori to just remove the toes or foot altogether. (Or not. )

2) Farm Boy and I went to see Pete Lee's show last Friday. I even paid Pete 50 cents for a hug (he said they weren't free anymore). Unfortunately, the Farm Boy had a few too many doubles that evening, and he forgot to take a picture with my camera phone. Loser. Can't hold his whiskey (says the girl who is looped after half a glass of wine). Anyway, love Pete Lee. LOTS. He was even kind to the heckler lady (with the Harley Davidson purse) before she was physically removed by the big, ginormous bouncer. Dinner and a show. How good is life?!?!

3) I'm hoping that I will be a Bloggy regular again someday. I do read you all... really, I do. Most of the time, it's through Google Reader, so I can't always comment. Plus, they started blocking blogs at work (sheesh! It's like they don't trust us or something), so now I have lost that time, too! Seriously, I only did that stuff during lunch. Or breaks. Or slow periods. Or when I was bored. *big cheesy grin*

4) YAY, Giants! I'm not a huge NFL fan... don't like the over-inflated egos with the over-inflated salaries. However, I was ready to root for anyone to beat the Patriots. Not that I dislike the team. I think there's some very good talent on the team, even though I've been, like, you know, SOOO over Tom Brady for some time. But Belichick? Beli-ICK. Cheater, Cheater. He didn't even have to do any of that with the all the talent on his team, and yet he tainted what could have been an amazing season for them. Wait. It still WAS an amazing season for them. Just not for him. Cause he's a cheater, and no one likes a cheater. Yeah.

5) I have not been home before 8pm any night in the last two weeks. Some nights, it's been 9pm or later. What's scarier is that I'm usually home on weekends earlier than I am on weekdays. That is MESSED UP. Perhaps that is what is eating up all my blogging time. Perhaps I should get up an hour earlier each day just to keep up on blogging. Yes, and perhaps a monkey will fly out of my.... ear and sing me an aria from Die Fledermaus.

6) My Wii Sports Tennis Pro status is at 2083. My Wii Sports Golf Pro status is 117. So, apparently, if I suck at a sport in real life, I will rule the school on the Wii. If I am half-way decent at the sport in real life, I will suck it up royally on the Wii. I think I'm okay with that.

That is all. :-)


MiMaw said...

You can fracture toes by just walking. Did you see House on Sunday? Scary to think what injuries to toes can do. But as a solution to painful toes, to give them a rest...can you walk on your hands?

Sparkling Cipher said...

Good move calling the doc. After a day or two and it's not getting better, it's probably time to call in the experts.

Sweets commented that Eli doesn't seem able to change on the fly. The play is called and that receiver is who he throws to, even if they have three men covering that person, leaving another completely open. It happened a couple times and I wondered, are they just good at figuring out which receiver he plans to throw to or if they got sneakier in stealing plays.... Moot point - Giants won anyway!

-R- said...

Yeah, I am pretty sure ability to play a sport in real life only harms you when it comes to the Wii!

lizgwiz said...

You can definitely mess up other parts of your body by favoring the injured parts, so you should suck it up and go to the doctor. ;)

No blogs at work? Shudder. Hee.

Anonymous said...

one word: gout.

don't call me MA'AM said...

mimaw: EXCELLENT idea! Henceforth, I shall walk on my hands. Oh, but it's a little cold here... maybe I can find shoes for my hands??? ;-)

sparkling: Eli is usually dead on, though. I was amazed at how tight he hits some of his receivers. And yes, YAY!

-r-: We just got Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii, so we'll see if I suck at that, too. At least that one will let me take a real golf swing, I think.

lizgwiz: I can read SOME blogs at work, but none on Blogger. Doesn't that make you just want to scream? ARRGGH!

anon: Nope. It's not gout. The doctor even said so.

FarmBoy said...

FYI - You suck at golf in real life too....but I still like playing with you.