Sunday, October 30, 2005

5 things you will not see in this blog

As I surf through the other blogs in this blogspot, I notice that there are so many people with noble intentions, capitalistic ventures, and purposeful reasons to have a blog. On the other hand, I find that I am a grumpy, snarky, sad excuse for a human being, for I have NONE of these items in mine:

5. family pictures
4. a journal of a year of my life in a) a semester at sea, b) a mission in Guam, c)climbing the Andes mountains, etc.
3. celebrity worship of the obsessed kind
2. poetry (unless it's making fun of someone else)
1. enlightened insights into humankind

For all of that, I will hopefully continue to entertain with you small snippets and links to even funnier blogs or sites... like this absolutely fabulous shot of an "innocent" child.

Update: I just found out that I am going to live until I'm 93.6 years old. Dammit! I'm already cranky. What am I going to be like then?!?!
Find out your life expectancy here:

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