Sunday, October 30, 2005

Unintentional Comedy from VH1

ohmigod! I think I just found my new favorite tv show for off-the-scale unintentional comedy--But Can They Sing? As a former vocal music teacher, I had made a pact with myself NOT to watch this show. But I couldn't help myself. Is anyone else watching this? This is like bad karaoke, but worse. So here's what I think so far:

Morgan Fairchild- she used to sing a long time ago, so I expected she wouldn't be that bad
Michael Copon- surprisingly good!
Antonio Sabato Jr- not good, but not horrible
Bai Ling- yikes, she can't act, she can't dress, and she can't sing (she just scares me altogether)
Joey Pantoliano- not bad-- with more lessons, he could be pretty good
Kim Alexis- beautiful lady, seriously painful singing (I think my ears are bleeding)
Carmine Gotti- eek. pitiful. no rhythm. Nelly can't be happy about this cover
Myrka Dellanos-- more ear bleeding, Ouch!
Larry Holmes- they picked a song that would help him not sound so bad


Nikki said...

Man, I wish we got that show up here in Canada -- it sounds like quite a train wreck! Keep me posted on how they're doing...Morgan Fairchild used to sing??? Scary..

Anonymous said...

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