Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Like A Whirlpool, It Never Ends...

Well, I'm back. Kind of.

Google Reader just looked at me today and said, "Don't act like you know me. Biotch."

100+ missed posts to catch up with... don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Boo.

So here's what I think today:

1. I should quit my nice-paying-yet-highly-stressful job and go work at Burger King. Or maybe Barnes & Noble. Yeah, that would be better.

2. Yay, Larry Birkhead. I knew it.

3. Filing an extension on your taxes is for wussies. Yes, Farm Boy, this means you.

4. Anyone who takes a grad class the same semester her child graduates ought to have her head examined. Twice.

5. I didn't get to go on my photo retreat, so I'm rescheduling. Anyone have any idea when the weather will get nice again??? And when I say nice, I mean NOT freezing???

6. 9 more weeks until I can shed my basket-case-status. That's not too bad, right? Right???

That's about it, I guess. Be patient with me as I slog through the numerous posts I've missed in the last week. Wow. Y'all write a LOT. :-)


Alyssa said...

Aww - I'm glad you're back!

I'd like to know when it will be warm again. Children have to hunt for eggs in their snowsuits and it is supposed to snow again on Thursday.

Maybe I should become a skier - I'd have a better attitude about it.

sparkling said...

1. I have thought about the bookstore job, too. If only they'd pay me the same amount of money...

2. I'm really surprised. I really thought he was just looking for his 15 minutes. I hope he proves to be a loving, responsible daddy to that little girl. She still has a chance at a half-normal, healthy childhood. It depends on him now, I guess.

6. Hang in there. It'll be over before you know it.

Stinkypaw said...

Welcome back!

metalia said...

Yay! Welcome back. And c'mon;that baby TOTALLY looked like Larry Birkhead! I knew it, too. (I've now completed my descent into celeb-related idiocy.)

don't call me MA'AM said...

alyssa: we keep getting sleet and flurries, but very cold temps. I'm tired of it, too.

sparkling: maybe we could start our own bookstore and put B&N and Borders out of business with all our greatness. ??

stinkypaw: thanks!

metalia: thanks, and that's what I thought, too... that the baby looked like Larry AND that I've completed my descent into celeb-related idiocy. ;-)

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