Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Post About Nothing in Particular..

Since I don't know how to blog about what I really want to blog about (not comfortable putting other people's issues... or my issues with those other people... out there at this point in time), I guess I'll blog about nothing at all in particular.

So, in no particular order, here we go:

1) I find a certain commercial for a product that shall be pseudo-named SOTOX* highly contradictory. The tag line is something along the lines of "SOTOX gives you the freedom to express yourself."

Really? I thought it froze your face so that you COULDN'T really express much. Did anyone watch Halle Berry try to cry when she accepted the Oscar? How about Nicole Kidman? That woman can hardly muster more than THREE total facial expressions anymore. Actually, it might be closer to TWO.
I don't think SOTOX gives you the freedom to express yourself. If anything, it might give you the freedom to hide what you really think... and I think that I love my laugh lines and forehead crinkles too much to inject poison into my face. I've earned them.
I'm sorry if you're into that kind of thing, but don't you kind of wonder what the long term effects might be?? Every other year, some new study comes out to contradict some old study... and you just know that horrible side effects of using SOTOX will be unearthed someday soon. I'm just sayin'.

2) I usually listen to the Today show while I'm getting ready for work... and I have to say I really, really like Meridith Vieira. SUCH an improvement over Katie C., in my opinion. She is always gracious to the people she interviews, whether it's a Head of State or some fool who drove through a living room.
What I really appreciate about her the most, I think, is that I don't know where she stands politically. With Katie, you always knew. As a journalist, I like Meredith's objectivity. She still asks the questions that need to be asked, but they don't seem so much like interrogation coming from her. Her questions and follow-ups are smooth and well-delivered (do you hear that, Ann Curry? Are you writing this down?).
Considering that this show has become pretty much a "soft" news show, I think she handles her assignments pretty well... from the week of horror at Virginia Tech to cooking with the Take Home Chef. Meridith gets a thumbs up from me.

3) My stomach is a churning, rumbling, painful disaster. I know it's stress. Duh. Stressful time of year. Got it.

What I worry about is that my sister, at the tender age of about 33, had to have her gallbladder removed. She let it go on for so long... she almost died. Now, she and I are two completely different people. I eat healthy foods and include a good balance of veggies and fruits. Fried stuff and fast food are not my thing. She, on the other hand, has very bad eating habits and freely admits it. Her food groups are fast food, chocolate, diet soda, and chocolate. Eating a handful of oreos for breakfast is par for her.**
A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a kind of stomach pain that I'd never felt before. It was very high and wasn't really any version of nausea I'd ever had. Really, it was more like pressure... but it got so bad, I couldn't sleep or even lie down. The only position that felt comfortable was sitting, doubled-over. It did go away, but since then, I've had similar pain...just not as intense. Knowing my sister's experience is either making me more aware of what this could be... or it could be scaring me hypochondriacally into making the pain even worse. 'Cause now I have ONE MORE THING TO WORRY ABOUT! gah.

So, my dilemma is this-- do I wait until after May is over, and, subsequently, all my major stressors are out of the picture? or do I attempt to schedule a doctor appointment and get things checked out, even though I don't have any time to go?

And there you are. A post about nothing particularly in particular.***

*Yes, I'm a chicken. I'm changing the name so I don't get any nasty emails. Like they read my blog, but whatever.

**My sister is actually pretty hilarious; and even though she eats like crap, her food issues make for some very funny little anecdotes. Like, when her students know she's in a bad mood, Snickers bars magically appear on her desk. Apparently, parting with chocolate or facing a cranky Ms. B is an easy decision those kids make!

*** Because if you're going to overuse a word, you might as well go for the gusto.


lizgwiz said...

If it's a completely different pain than you've ever had, I'd probably get it checked out. There might be a genetic component to gallbladder trouble overriding your healthy lifestyle choices.

Of course, it could also be gas. Which is, sadly, often a consequence of eating well. (Damn you, cruciferous vegetables!)

3carnations said...

Make time for the doctor. I used to be a big procrastinator about such things, but when my MS symptoms first showed up, I thought about "giving them some time to go away". I then thought of all the things that they could be a symptom of and got myself to the doctor. It's not like NOT going will keep you from stressing about it. If doing it for yourself isn't a good enough reason, then do it for your kids. :)

don't call me MA'AM said...

liz: that's exactly why I'm afraid to go the doctor about it... it could just be gas. How embarrassing would that be if she said, "Take two Gas-X tablets and call me in the morning!"??? haha The genetic thing has me a little worried, but we know of no one else in our family with the same trouble.

3car: ah, the best reason of all... do it for the kids. You know my weakness, huh? ;-) Thanks.

Paisley said...

I say get it checked out now and if the Dr. thinks it can wait (if it's anything) until May then you can rest easy. If not, good thing you checked because a planned procedure sure beats almost dying like your sister or going to the emergency room, which always happens at the worst possible time.

Not to be glum...but, well, you know.

Maliavale said...

I'm with the rest. Your health comes first. It could be nothing, but wouldn't you rather know? Left untreated, even if it's just acid, it could be problematic. Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Girl, check out the stomach pain asap. Recurring pain is usually a sign of something. You are going to worry, perhaps unnecessarily, if you don't get it checked out - and that will cause you more stress. So don't wait.

I've done Sotox. I read up, and was satisfied enough that my face wasn't going to fall off. Probably. And I was tired of looking angry all the time (I had the proverbial harsh vertical line between the brows, from years of frowning a bit while concentrating. Or driving. Or being pissed at stupid people). My best friend was aghast that I did it, and tested my facial reflexes. (Frown! Smile! Cross your eyes!) She was satisfied that I could still make faces at her.

That said, I refuse to do use Sotox anywhere but mid-forehead. Crow's feet, laugh lines, etc - those are all staying. I think they're cute, and yeah - they are definitely earned. And I agree - that commercial is SO bloody annoying.

-R- said...

I haven't seen the Today Show since Meredith has been on. Good to know Meredith is doing well.

What would you say if one of your kids was the one with the mysterious pain? Get it checked out? That is what I thought. Go to the doctor.

Gabrielle said...

What the hell???? You'd better not be reading this, you'd better be at the doctor's getting that stomach sorted out! Nothing's worth more than your health, no degree, nothing.

And I so agree with you. I can't stand Couric--or, as she's known in my household, Princess Perky Nose.

Alyssa said...

You should probably go to the doctor.

That's what they'd say on Scrubs, and as you know - I tend to learn things from TV.

Sparkling Cipher said...

Go to the doctor. If it's nothing, you don't waste a month worrying about it. If it's not nothing, you don't waste a month feeling bad and letting it get worse instead of taking care of the problem.

Julie_Gong said...

I'd say go to the doctor too.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Okay, so I'm guessing you all agree that I should go to the doctor? ;-) I am hearing you loud and clear and will make the appointment asap. Thanks!

metalia said...

Aw, come on! DON'T go to the doctor. (I'm kidding, of course. Get on that, ASAP!)