Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Don't mind me... I'm just meandering about....

Don't you hate it when there's something you REALLY, REALLY want to blog about... but you really, really can't?


In other news, if I see that freaking Jessica Simpson roller-skating video one more time, I might commit hara-kiri.

When we were kids, we pronounced it "harry caray," which, as you know, is something/one altogether different. We convinced our neighbor kids that commiting 'harry caray' would turn you into some old guy with big glasses who liked to yell "HEY!" a lot*. They were skeered.

Speaking of Harry Caray, have you ever been stuck in O'Hare on a layover that was way too long? Yeah... Harry Caray's restaurant is a lifesaver in that place. You'll probably end up ordering a heart attack on a plate, but everything is mighty tasty.

Hey! Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs? I would!
Hey! If you could be the top scientist in your field or have Mad Cow Disease, which one would you pick?

That's all I have today, friends. Thanks for following along on Grumpy Frump's Wide, Wide World of Digression.

*No hate mail, please. I loved Harry Caray, even though I'm not from Chicago.


-R- said...

I have been struggling with the same thing. There are several topics that I really want to write about but can't. Gah, indeed.

Diane said...

Hi DCMM, Megan's mum here. I've just read her blog of the 17th and saw that you asked about postage for a CD from Oz to the US. In Australian dollars, we would pay about $3.60, not sure how much you would pay, probably about US$4.50.

Margus said...

you can't do that.
that's like telling some one you have a secret, and then not sharing.

Too much build up, not enough dutchie.

goldennib said...

I've always enjoyed side trips.

Julie_Gong said...

You know what I love about Harry Caray... Will Ferrell impression of Harry Caray


-R- said...

I have to comment again. In my head, I pronounce hara-kiri as "Harry Caray." Am loser. Thank goodness I have never had to say it out loud.

wire said...

Just read your last post - you and Ludi should hang out more. She allegedly has the same problem (she however has no problem with threatening me with physical violence whenever i allege it).

i committed hara-kiri once and let me just say; favorite t-shirt? Ruined.

don't call me MA'AM said...

-r-: sucks, doesn't it? Gah!

diane: Thanks! I'll have to email Megan with the specifics.

margus: sorry, but no dice, brutha.

goldennib: then you're in for quite a wild ride... 'cause that's all I got lately.

julie: we have the Best of SNL: Will Farrell editions. We love too.

-r-: no, you're not a loser. You're completely normal. I'm like the only caucasian idiot in the midwest who insists on pronouncing hara-kiri and karaoke the right way. So, I sound like a pretentious boob. meh

wire: are you calling ludi an alkie? For shame.

Oh, and 'favorite t-shirt? Ruined." -- SOOOO funny!