Thursday, July 20, 2006

Site Meter Surprise... no, not really.

Occasionally, I'll check out my Site Meter reports. My favorite is the referrals, of course. I have to tell you... some of the search engine hits I get are pretty strange, but I think that's pretty common. Nabbalicious has some very interesting examples in her sidebar. I used to post some of the hits that brought people to my little bloggy, but I'm too lazy to make it a regular gig.

There is one, however, that has made a regular appearance since December. Every week, there are at least two referrals from a search engine looking for a picture... of a certain tiny, brown, holiday figure from South Park. I'm not going to type his name here, because that would only bring more people to my page. And I'm pretty sure that they are a little peeved when they find out that I don't really have an image of that tiny, brown, holiday figure... just some really screwed up cookies I made that resembled him (although they looked tragic, they were actually very tasty).

Are there that many people on this planet who need to find a picture of the tiny, brown, holiday figure from South Park? I mean, for a week after Ann Curry cut her hair, I had about 25-30 search engine hits about her. That made almost made sense to me... it was 'news.' And if South Park were a new phenomenon, then I wouldn't be surprised about this either. It isn't, though. So this is a puzzlement. Any theories?

Oh, and on a COMPLETELY unrelated note... I am currently in what I consider my busiest, most frantic time of the year at work. Gah. The muscles in and around my shoulders are so hard, you could use them to crush diamonds (yeah, so I'm tired and not so good at analogies right now. Sue me.). If I leave a comment on your site that is mostly gibberish or sounds like I'm drunk... I'm not drunk. I'm just brain-dead and stressed to the max. My apologies in advance. In three weeks, I should be better. I hope.


Anonymous said...

I get a bunch of hits searching for "orthodontic headgear," because I blogged about my 7th grade experience with being a complete and total dork.

Margus said...

who's Ann Curry?

don't call me MA'AM said...

tammara: that's funny. And who WASN'T a dork in 7th grade? People who deny it are just lying to themselves. ha!

margus: news anchor on the Today show... made big news when she cut her hair for Locks of Love.