Friday, September 07, 2007

If I Say I Didn't Mean It, Will I Be Able to Sleep In Again?

Apparently, I offended the god of morning people.... because this morning, I awoke at 4 AM. And could not go back to sleep. No matter how hard I tried. Gah.

Well, at least I wasn't chipper about it. ;-)

I'm going to be one hurting unit today at work. We have a 3 hour meeting to start the morning. THAT's going to be "fun," especially with me yawning every 5 minutes.

I think I'll post a Saturday Why Files, instead of a Friday.

Happy Friday! *yawn*


goldennib said...

Before I gave birth to my daughter and before I met my husband, I was a night person in thought and deed. My daughter forced me up daily at 6 am because she insisted she be fed. My husband now forces me up at 430 am every day because he is a bull in a china shop. It is wrong I tell you, just wrong. I feel your pain.

goldennib said...

Are you game? Please play with me.

wire said...

i think i posted on your last article with my pseudonym "brent". No one believes that my parents really named me Wire so i had to come up with something more "believable" to get a job.

Nothing like a meeting to lull you into deep slumber - shame you didn't have one at 4am :)