Friday, September 14, 2007

A YAY for Fall Friday Why Files!

WHY #1: Why don't employers in the US have this idea?* A Russian governor advises couples to stay home and "make babies" instead of going to work.

WHY #2: Why were all the employees from upstairs (a different company) outside on the campus lawn playing kickball this morning? Maybe I need to look for a new job! I love kickball.

WHY #3: Why am I not posting about the Britney debacle at the VMAs? (because it's too sad and was even painful to watch)... although Sarcomical has provided a very interesting "play by play" account.

WHY #4: Why do some people (not from the Midwest) assume that all people who reside in my state live on farms?

Could I just state for the record that I have never lived on a farm and wouldn't have the foggiest notion of what to do on a farm?

Yes. I have seen cows. SEEN them. I have never raised one, nor taken one to a 4-H competition. To be honest, I'm not even sure what 4-H is.

I don't live in the middle of a cornfield.

I have modern conveniences in my home... no outhouses for me, thank you very much.

I don't wear overalls. Even if they came back in style, I don't think I'd wear them. They're not a good look for me. ;-)

WHY #5: Why do I have the urge to buy another new pair of shoes this weekend? And maybe a new suit? Hmmm....

And this concludes today's Friday Why Files. Happy Friday!

*Yes, I know. We don't have the same population loss that certain Russian regions do, but come on. It's a good idea, right? And no, I don't want anymore children, but I'm sure the Farm Boy wouldn't mind the day off either.


therevhead said...

Farm-boy?? could it be that's where the assumption comes from?

You could do an ad campaign:

"Work on Fridays? It's inconceivable!"

Anyway, the average red blooded guy doesn't need a WHOLE day off for parenting duties - five minutes of 'quality time' - is allll one needs, thankyou, followed by an afternoon of sport in front of the TV!!!

Ah, Maiwaige!!

goldennib said...

I want to play kickball at work too.

Britney is just sad.

Ludicrousity said...

Once again, just baffled...

don't call me MA'AM said...

rev: I didn't mean in Bloggy Land... we don't call him "Farm Boy" outside the blog. :-) It's just a general perception a lot of people in the US have about where I live. And most guys might only need 5 minutes, but the day off would be nice, right?

goldennib: I KNOW! We both need new jobs, eh?

ludi: you and me both.