Thursday, September 13, 2007

Maybe I Should Invest in Ear Plugs...

As if I haven't been grumpy enough lately... it's time for a small rant. :-)

The older I get, the more easily annoyed I become in social situations. Sad, but true. Lately, it's LOUD TALKERS who are ... well, pissing me off.

I wouldn't classify myself as an overly considerate person, but I do take measures to ensure that I don't trample other people's rights or invade their "space." Of course I make mistakes and slip up... I'm not perfect (no matter how many times people tell me I am... I KID! I kid).

LOUD TALKERS are trampling my personal space everywhere I go! I swear they're following me or something.

Loud talking is okay in certain arenas: bars/clubs with music so loud you can feel it, sports venues (as long as it's cheering and not a conversation about potty training or The Hills-- which I detest so much, I'm not even going to link it-- or anything else that isn't about the game on hand). But loud talking is not okay everywhere. It's just not!

Whenever we go out to eat, we are always seated next to the loudest table in the restaurant. Some crass girl is shouting out to the world the intimate details of her sex life and all the wild romps she's had in the last three weeks. And apparently, she only knows how to use sentences with the word "LIKE" included:

Crass Girl: It was so, like, amazing, you know? Like, I've never been with anyone who was so amazing! He was so wild, but, like, cool too. He has this tattoo, like, that circles around his chest and back, like very cool.

Me [to the Farm Boy]: she's so stupid, she's making my ears bleed.

FB: like, and LOUD, for sure. Like my ears are, like, bleeding, too. *typical FB grin*

For five minutes, she went on and on and on. Everyone in our section of the restaurant could hear each word she said. Farm Boy told me to time her... 20 "likes" in less than a minute. GAH!

Then there's the guy talking on his cell phone in the mall. Now, I understand that, sometimes, it's difficult for people on the other end of the phone to hear you... especially in areas that don't have great reception (e.g., malls). You occasionally have to speak up to be heard. In those cases, most people... considerate people... would take their phone conversations to a more isolated place with better reception (e.g. OUTSIDE the mall).

Cell Phone Guy [talking to wife on cell]: Yes! I'm waiting for you at the downstairs entrance. Come get me!

[3 seconds of silence]

CPG: The DOWNSTAIRS entrance!

[2 seconds of silence]

CPG: No! Not that one. One of the other entrances.

[3 seconds of silence]

CPG: No! Not that one either. It's by the piano store. You made me come to this stupid mall, and I'm tired of waiting for you. Come get me right this minute!

Okay, so maybe he's an impatient jerk who orders his wife around, too.

His cell phone conversation was accompanied by another man on his cell phone speaking in a language that might have been Punjabi. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that's what it was. He was also speaking very loudly, and his phone conversation lasted the entire time I shopped for hair products and lip gloss... and continued even after I purchased an ice cream cone and finished eating said ice cream cone. And yes, still LOUDLY conversing. I just wanted to tell him to take it outside. Please and thank you kindly. No dice.

I just don't get it. Farm Boy often becomes frustrated with me, because he says I mumble when we're in public. Compound the fact that his ears are about a foot above my mouth... you get the picture. Most of what I have to say to him when we're in public is not for the "public," so I don't shout it out for all to hear.

TMI, LOUD TALKERS. TMI! Please... I'm not eavesdropping purposefully. You're not giving me any choice!

Maybe I'll start writing "noise pollution" tickets. ??


goldennib said...

This is one of the reasons I don't like shopping. I can't stand people of have not concept of personal space.

nabbalicious said...

I want to choke every person at the gym who feels the need to shout! every! word! while they're supposed to be working out. Hey, news flash: if you can carry on a conversation like that, you're just wasting your gym time, fool.

stefanie said...

Is it wrong that I wanted to tell an eight-year-old boy at Noodles & Co. last week to pipe down because he was loud and annoying and extremely uninteresting? Yes? These rules apply only to grown-ups, you say? Damn.

-R- said...

I tend to be a loud talker, but I try not to yell too much about my sex life in public.

Stinkypaw said...

Now there's an idea! "NPT" Yeah! I'd go for that!

I get very agressive when it's too noisy around me and usually it shows (I haven't mastered the skill to control that yet (despite the meditation). Still working on that one...

don't call me MA'AM said...

goldennib: I'd like to buy semi-visible bubbles to wear around me and keep people out of my space. ;-)

nabbalicious: maybe they're bragging about how they can talk and talk and talk while working out! jerks.

stefanie: hell no! Rules apply to all. And if parents don't share the rules with their kids, it is certainly okay for you to teach them. That's how I roll anyway.

-r-: But you're not obnoxious, so that's okay. :-)

stinkypaw: so, are you saying I should meditate? I hope not, because I just want to be right. And grumpy. haha