Monday, December 05, 2005

Healthy Lifestyle update

1. Weight loss since posting SMART Goals: 0 lbs

2. Total minutes exercised since same post: 30 seconds of jumping jacks, maybe a total of 30 minutes walking. (does sex count?)

Lame. Very lame. So much for accountability. I have to lose 5 lbs. by December 31. Maybe I should get a move on, eh?

Two things not helping me reach my goals: tubs of cookie dough in the freezer, frantic pace at work which make me think I'm too tired to workout when I get home.

To help with goal-- I'll post weekly about this issue and list total lbs. lost, total exercise. Gah.


Master Peebody said...

Hahaha, i don't see why sex wouldn't count. Total weight loss for me for the year....... nothing. When i loose some weight, i seem to put it back on without even realising it. :(

legendarypuffin said...

MPB, I thought you said you lost weight playing all that tennis.

Good luck to you Ma'am. Posting might actually help. It might be like going to a weight-watcher's mtg

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not losing any more, either. Grr. I've worked out all of once (last Sunday). Sigh. Didn't we have a challenge going?? Let's get on that. I'll work out tonight if you do.

don't call me MA'AM said...

MPB, if it gets your heart rate moving, it should count as exercise. So I say YES, too!

puffin, I think you're right. AFTER I lose the weight, I'll maybe even post before and after pix. No bikinis though. Ick.

jurgen, you're ON.

Master Peebody said...

No bikinis???? Right on! Hahaha.

Nikki said...

I always do this - try to lose weight in December, which is impossible with all the Christmas parties and drinking ...

Good luck to ya ... but we can always start in January, right?? :)

legendarypuffin said...

gee, maybe that's my downfall - single too long, missing out on a significant form of exercise.....

Master Peebody said...


don't call me MA'AM said...

just found this on an exercise site (

Sexual activity- moderate: burns almost 80 calories per hour for someone at my weight.

Sexuaal activity- vigorous: burns almost 90 calories per hour for someone at my weight.

OK, so I was hoping that it would burn more like 250 calories per hour, but this is still acceptable for exercise in my book! ;-)

Master Peebody said...

I think it really depends on 'what' your doing.

Master Peebody said...

WTF! I just checked that site and figured out how much you weigh, thats nothing! Your weight is a good weight.

don't call me MA'AM said...

but I'm SHORT. Like barely 5 foot 3 inches (I think that's like 1.6m).

I'm still too heavy for my size, not horrible, but too heavy.

Master Peebody said...

No way! I don't believe you! Thats not much at all.
You know, you and puffin are the same size i think.

Master Peebody said...

Height, i mean height and dboy also, he's about that siz..... err i mean height too.

don't call me MA'AM said...

yeah, yeah, yeah... whatever. Here's the whole issue: I have gone from being able to wear whatever I want, as well as walk up a flight of stairs without needing an oxygen tank to... well, NOT being able to do those things. And it's all because some stupid doctor misdiagnosed me with depression. She put me on those drugs (as I've mentioned before), and I couldn't do anything but sleep. Add 10lbs. Then when I was actually diagnosed with the right thing (sinus issues), the good doctor put me on steroids. Add another 10lbs. That's 20 lbs in a little over a year! (too lazy to metric conversion right now) I'm out of shape, and if I don't take care of it now (plus the fact that I'm not getting any younger)-- I want to be a hottie again, ummm... I mean... I just want to feel better about myself! ;-)
(wow, looooonnnngggg comment... sorry!)

legendarypuffin said...

You've got quite a memory, MPB. You're close. Ma'am towers a full inch over me.

And Ma'am, I know what you mean about the downside of steroids. They might work but steroid pounds seem to have a most tenatious quality! ugh

Master Peebody said...

Thats a pretty interesting story DCMM. Everywhere i turn i seem to hear stories about doctors misdiagnosing people.

Lina said...

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