Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sappy Time- A League of Their Own

AMC is showing A League of Their Own right now. This is one of my closet favorite movies. I don't know that I would admit that to people who actually know me... but it's okay in Blogland, right? (don't answer that)

Reasons to love this movie:

1. For me: I am an older sister, and my little sis and I have a similar relationship as Dottie and Kit. Except I don't have long legs. and I don't look like Geena Davis did in this movie. We both played softball, though. Their last scene together after the World Series gets me misty every time.

2. Jon Lovitz -- the guy is funnier than hell. "You know, if I had your job, I'd kill myself." -- "...didja promise the cows you'd write?" "Yeah, I'm just going home, grab a shower and shave, give the wife a little pickle-tickle, and I'm on my way." Priceless.

3. Tom Hanks in a funny role-- The "no crying in baseball" line is a classic now. Oh, and the peeing scene. Laughed my ass off the first time I saw that.

4. Marla Hooch-- the name alone is a hoot, but when you see her peer up under her baseball cap, yikes! or when she's singing "It Had To Be You" at the Bucket of Suds. Bigger Yikes! Charm school assistant: "What do you suggest?" Charm school instructor: "A lot of night games."

5. Madonna in a non-slutty role... oh, wait... scratch that.

6. Betty Spaghetti-- another good name. Oh, and SHE is Penny Marshall's daughter.

7. All the "before they were Stars stars"-- Tea Leoni, Rosie O'Donnell, Bitty Schram, and a few others that are pretty much D-Listers

8. Laverne directs, Squiggy gets a part-- David L. Lander is one of the radio sportscasters.

9. John Cusack's sister, Ann, plays Shirley Baker, the girl who can't read. "Gr - Gra - Grabb'd." "Grabbed." Her. M - mi - mil - mil - milky, milky. White, white. Milky white. Milky white bre - breasts.

10. No women played hookers, strippers, or had to get naked in this movie. Not even Madonna. ACES, baby!

Thanks to for help with the quotes.


Master Peebody said...

I don't mind that movie. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but if it was on tv i reckon i'd watch it.
And that no crying in baseball line cracks me up every time.

nabbalicious said...

Oh, I sob like a little baby during that one scene when the one lady (was it Betty Spaghetti?) gets told her husband got killed in the war. Oh, and when Stilwell comes to the...hall...of...fame... I can't go on! *wails*

Ludicrousity said...

I haven't seen that movie. I'd really like to though. I've heard many good things!

Master Peebody said...

How could you not have seen that movie?

don't call me MA'AM said...

I made it through the whole movie last night without crying... first time ever, I think. My eyes teared up, but I didn't cry.

"How many sisters do you think I have?" *sniffle*

Master Peebody said...

One and one brother? Or wasn't that really a question?

Ludicrousity said...

I think it was a move quote, and I havent' even seen the movie. I don't know how I have managed not to see it, but I might get around to it over the summer holidays.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yes, that's a quote from the movie... toward the end of the movie.

Master Peebody said...

Am i right though?

Nikki said...

Haven't seen this movie in ages, and now I'm wondering why???

Must rent again -- I remember Tom Hanks being funny but how did I block out Jon Lovitz???

And Tea Leoni is in this?? If I were a lesbian she would SO be on the top of my list ..

Off to the video store now ..

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yes, MPB.... you're right. :-)

nikki-- you are so funny.

Master Peebody said...

Excellent. :D

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