Friday, December 30, 2005

Remember Me? ohmigod.... NOOOOOOOO!

A commercial just popped on. An annoying voice piped,"Remember me? I'm Tana." (no, I don't remember you. Put my show back on) "I'm back to bring you the Bedazzler again." (Ohhhhh, noooooooooooo!)

First of all, when does schlepping crap on "As seen on TV" make you a national TV personality/celebrity (this is how Tana is billed).

Secondly, the only person I ever knew who bought a Bedazzler in the 80s was my grandmother. She was divorced after 38 years of marriage to my grandfather (that's a whole 'nother blog, folks), and looking for love. She bedazzled jeans, jackets, t-shirts... all of them to wear with her fancy zebra stripe pants (Yes, I said zebra stripes). I could have sworn that she was the only person who bought that piece of crap from TV.

Apparently, Tana made enough money in the 80s to think that she could resurrect this... this... CONTRAPTION and sell it again. For the love of God, people, PLEASE don't bedazzle your clothes. We have enough bright shiny people on the planet. We don't need you out there all sparkly and shimmery and reflecting light in our eyes... blinding us... making us trip over end tables and whatnot. Please do humanity a favor and boycott the Bedazzler.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...


The only thing that could even come close to this is if Tamilee Webb of "Buns of Steel" fame made a comeback. I never want to see that bitch again.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I actually bought that video. As much as I hate her, it works. Of course, I haven't seen that video in a few years, so my "steel" has turned to something along the lines of "aluminum." It's funny though... as I'm working out with her, thinking, "that bitch should DIE!"-- I work just a little bit harder.

Anonymous said...

Hell, my steel is now Food Lion brand plastic wrap.