Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's a Vicious Cycle, I tell ya...


1. Get sick. Sleep constantly. Lose all energy and desire to be active.
2. Get misdiagnosed as depressed.
3. For one month, take antidepressants that make you so jazzed that your heart beats out of control, you can't swallow, and you can't stop shaking your legs.
4. Get prescription changed... now, all you do is sleep, sleep, sleep... even more than before diagnosis.
5. Stay on those antidepressants for 6 months.
6. Complain to doctor that you're getting worse, not better.
7. Go through multiple blood tests, sleep studies, blah, blah, blah to find out what is wrong with you. No answer. It's now been almost two years since first symptoms, and you sleep more than tree sloths. Oh, and you've gained nearly 10 lbs.
8. Switch doctors.
9. Finally get diagnosed correctly.
10. New doctor prescribes steroid treatment.
11. Gain 10 more lbs.
12. Finally have surgery, et voila! You're cured.
13. However, you're 20 lbs overweight, and your body hates you.
14. Try working out again.
15. Your back screams obscenities at you and refuses to function properly.
16. Doctor prescribes physical therapy,
17. Attend regular PT sessions for about 6 months and notice that some of the weight is even coming off.
18. PT Works! Hallelujah!
19. Start working out slowly again.
20. Increase working out steadily.
21. Your back starts its old habits again... and its swearing would make sailors blush.
22. Back goes out.
23. Spend the whole day in bed.
24. Back REALLY hurts now, and you're tired all over again.
25. Hope to hell you only have to go back to step 16.


maliavale said...

Oh, MAN! So sorry. Feeling your pain ... not literally. =(

Anonymous said...

I have watched H suffer from back problems for the last five years, so I can kind of imagine what you are going through. I think he has now FINALLY found a physical therapy program that is working, so there is hope that you will find something that will work for you consistently. It must be so frustrating and painful to deal with the back pain. I really hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds horrible. I hope you only need to go back to 16, too.

lizgwiz said...

Life sucks sometimes. Hope the PT works and the results last longer this time.

therevhead said...

*Hands GrumpyFrump a huge bunch of fragrant roses, a ten pound box of chocolates, a trashy novel, a large Irish coffee*

*leads her to massive armchair with footrest*

*Turfs rest of family out into a motel for two weeks*

don't call me MA'AM said...

maliavale: I'm glad it's not literal. :-) Thanks.

-r-: Poor H!! I just feel old and decrepit. Just wait. You'll see. ;-)

goldennib: keep your fingers crossed. I'll know soon!

lizgwiz: good thing I have such a sunny disposition to keep me optimistic...ummm. Wait. Scratch that. haha

rev: THANKS! Let's make one switch, though... let the family stay home, and I'll check into a posh hotel. No dogs. No phones. No kids. Just a comfy king-sized bed and the glory that is room service. *sigh*

Stinkypaw said...

Hope so for you! Did you ever think of consulting an osteopath? I had similar problems and the osteo helped me a LOT more than any physio, plus she's the one who pushed me to consult a specialist and to get some tests done for my endometriosis problems - she was right to worry.

Pain affects EVERY little thing we do, but most of all our morale - I know! Do take care of yourself and think about an osteo. (even if they may not be covered by all group insurance, it is so worth it!). Even Hubby's hip condition was found out by an osteo... Doctors are just quacks anyway!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

stinkypaw: I actually do see an osteo. She's the one I switched to when I was having all the problems, and she's wonderful!