Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Coffee Date with -R- and her hubby, -H-

Click the picture to view a larger strip.

I had a very nice time talking with -R- and her hubby, -H-! They had some great stories, and they even suffered through the pictures of my kids (hey, I'm a mom, remember!). This was my first-ever-bloggy-friend-meeting, and I'm so glad I could spend it with these two fabulous people!

Hopefully, there will be a "next time," and I might even convince the Farm Boy to join us. Maybe we'll just plan our own midwest Bloggy conference and party it up. Who knows.


Anonymous said...

I'll bring the Beer.

Anonymous said...

That comic perfectly captures our meet-up! You even got the chairs and then our move to a table! You must give me some tips on how to use Paint because I kind of suck at it.

Meeting you was very fun. I will be back in your area in about a month, so we should definitely meet up again. And I would love to meet Farm Boy. I hope he does not look as scary as he did in those pictures. (GF had pictures of the Farm Boy in his Halloween costume.)

wire said...

Good times!

Farm Boy said...

DCMM never lets me meet her friends - I usually end up saying something stupid, offending, or crass. She wants people to think I'm a nice guy, but I hide it too well.

lizgwiz said...

I think one of my New Year's resolutions should be to meet at least one blogger in person. Of course, I'll be the one who ends up meeting the pervy old man.

don't call me MA'AM said...

margus: you're on!

-r-: ah, my mad MS Paint skillz are an ancient Grumpy secret. I'm not sure I can share them. haha

That sounds like a good plan... and what makeup was the Farm Boy wearing? He ALWAYS looks like that! ;-)

wire: see? Don't you wish you lived here? You could have some good times with us!

Farm Boy: we'll work on your manners before you meet anyone. :-*

lizgwiz: nooooo! We can't let that happen to you. I'm even more convinced now that we need to host a conference here, so your first bloggy meeting won't be with a pervy old guy.

Anonymous said...

Farm Boy, then you will get along very well with H!