Sunday, November 26, 2006

Post-Thanksgiving Observations...

1. Eating in moderation at your Thanksgiving dinner only does you good if you eat in moderation for the remainder of the week. If, per chance, you eat buttered popcorn at the movies on Thanksgiving evening, and more popcorn again Friday... and then make poor food choices Saturday and Sunday... you are going to feel like you stuffed yourself worse than a Turducken. Bad news.

2. I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. We should get two weeks of for Thanksgiving.

3. -R- and her husband H are very cool people! :-) Since no cameras were allowed at our coffee Friday morning, I shall have to work up a comic-strip rendering later this week.

4. I am so not in the mood for Christmas music yet. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE Christmas! I'm just not ready for FOUR local radio stations to dedicate their entire programming to 24-7 Christmas tunes already. Sheesh. It's still November!

5. I have continued my tradition of staying the heck out of the stores on Black Friday. Those 5am-er shoppers are nutso. Besides, when I have a day off, there's no way in HELL I'm getting out of bed before 8am.

6. Our extended family has a tradition of going to a movie on Thanksgiving night. We've seen some really good movies each time, so it's something I actually look forward to seeing. This year, we watched The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. I was NOT looking forward to this movie. Fifteen minutes into the movie, I fell asleep (thankfully). I woke up for the last 10 minutes. I think it was worth my eight bucks for the naptime... the movie? Not so much.

7. Unlike many other sports, no one in hockey seems the least bit concerned with blood stains on the ice. In every other sport, some dude with rubber gloves is all over it with the bleach and the biohazard-emergency-attitude. In hockey, the bleeder just skates off the ice, and they play on. It does make for some very interesting art-like patterns on the ice, though.

That's about it, I think. I'll probably be on a liquid diet for the next two days to hopefully undo some of the damage I inflicted on my system. And it's back to the grindstone until my next holiday vacation. Gah.


Anonymous said...

Meeting you was really fun! You are definitely not too old to be young. I will be looking forward to seeing the comic strip. I attempted to depict our meeting through MS Paint, but I forgot to give you any hair, and I look unwashed. I am sure you will do much better. =)

Anonymous said...

Trust me, you did not miss much of Santa Clause 3. I wish I had taken the opportunity to sleep.

Anonymous said...

The leftover pie got me. My mother and MIL both brought pies, and thenleft them at my house. I think I'm starting to waddle. Your liquid diet idea is a good one. Just don't include Starbucks hot chocolate.

Ludicrousity said...

Christmas gets earlier each year. I'm sure of it. My brother (Guru) would start Christmas in June each year if we let him...

Greg said...

Ugh, the Christmas music!! The day AFTER Thanksgiving, one of my co-workers (whose desk is close to mine) brought in all these Christmas CDs, and she's been listening to them non-stop.

Rachel, if you're reading this, that's why I'm glaring at you!! :)

P.S., Where can we get Goofy Gobbles merchandise for next year?

nabbalicious said...

Those 5 a.m. shoppers are INSANE! I will never understand that.

Phew, and you're not the only one on Thanksgiving detox!

don't call me MA'AM said...

-r-: it WAS fun! I just finished the comic... I'm lame. ;-)

sparkling: no doubt! It was a good nap, though.

tammara: I emphatically turned everyone down when it came to bringing home leftovers. No way was I going to have that stuff in my house! :-)

ludi: I can see that in Guru, I think.

greg: Yeah, RACHEL! Are you reading this? haha As for Goofy Gobbles merch... I just might make a mug or two next year. Hmmm...

nabbalicious: Anyone who gets up that early when they don't have to makes me a little suspicious. Oh, and I bet you've been to the gym every day since. You shame me. ;-)