Friday, November 18, 2005

Good Times for a Friday

1. Office Restrooms are Out of Order-- my office is part of a much larger building that spans over one mile (approx. 1.6km) in length. Today, the only restrooms in our section of the building are "out of order." for. the. entire. day. You've got to be freaking KIDDING me?!?!

So... what is the solution for today's potty patrons? We have to walk a quarter of a mile (.4km) to the nearest restroom in another office section. NO LIE! I'm not opposed to walking, and I actually relish the thought of getting a little extra exercise today... but for the entire day? EVERY time I have to "go potty?" Ummm... excuse me? I'm a girl. I have a tiny bladder (tee hee). On a normal day, I use the restroom 4 or 5 times. Oh, and they told me this fact AFTER I had two cups of coffee this morning.

Thanks to for the sign photo.

2. Giggles from Google-- if you want a good laugh today, go to Googlism. Just a sample of some returns:

Googlism of don't call me MA'AM's real name--

  • DCMM is from paradise.

Googlism of Tom Cruise--

  • Tom Cruise is a [expletive] fire ant who's made my urethra his home.
  • Tom Cruise is the dumbest guy i ever saw interviewed

Googlism of Bill Gates--

  • Bill Gates is the anti christ
  • bill gates is darth vader
  • bill gates is not richer than god
  • bill gates is a genius
  • bill gates is a wimp

Try your name to see if Googlism knows anything about you. Paste results in my comments.. or on your own blog... whatever!

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