Saturday, November 26, 2005

What is your Thanksgiving Persona?

It's Saturday morning. I'm STILL full from Thursday's 1:00pm dinner. I may never eat again.

So, here's a fun quiz for you to discover your Thanksgiving persona:

I'm mashed potatoes. It must be rigged or something. I doubt that anyone in my family would call me the "glue that holds everything together." Maybe I lied to myself on a couple of answers. haha

Let me know who YOU are this year, even if you don't do Thanksgiving.

Thanks to supervelma for the links to the quiz.


Gabrielle said...

I'm the cranberry sauce. Yeah, baby!

Anonymous said...

I haven't taken it yet, but only because I already know what I'd be: that feeling in your head that eggs you on to start needling and bitching at people. Yep, that's me..."Holiday Dysfunction Inciter."

don't call me MA'AM said...

That's why I can't figure out how I ended up as mashed potatoes... I'm so much more like jurgen!!! haha