Sunday, November 06, 2005

Unintentional Comedy from VH1 Part Deux

Show started... they brought Ant on as a guest judge (why???). Apparently, they're not going to say who was voted off. Before they get through everyone, two will be "kicked off." Another one will get to sing, and then it will be down to two. One will sing, one will walk.That kind of sucks... especially since they all have to prepare a song. Here's a play-by-play:

Michael Copon (One Tree Hill)-- sang American Woman, could easily do this for a living. His voice is pretty decent, plus he has the look. Thumbs up.

Morgan Fairchild (Dallas, Falcon Crest)-- sang Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. Obviously, she did better with These Boots Are Made for Walking last week. Morgan Fairchild is no Gloria Gaynor. Her voice was as stiff as her shellacked hair. Thumbs down.

Antonio Sabato Jr (The Bold and The Beautiful)-- sang I Want You To Want Me -best song ever written-- and he was shirtless. Sang mostly in tune, but not good. He can't dance either. He should just stand still, stay silent, and stay shirtless. Ant is having an ant-gasm. Thumbs down.

Carlos Gotti Agnello (Growing up Gotti)-- rapped Drop It Like Its Hot. No offense to rappers, but this isn't singing. It is a definite skill, but it's not singing. He did okay, but he's a little stiff. Took off his shirt at the end. Apparently, that will help with the votes. His vocal coach said he was in the "flow," but I'm not so sure. Thumbs sideways-- I'm undecided on him.

Okay... so at this point in the show, they kick off two. Kim Alexis and Myrka Dellanos. Big surprise. Hoping I can make it through without ears bleeding this week-- with these two gone, there's a good chance.

Next up...

Larry Holmes (former professional heavyweight boxer)-- sang Let's Get It On-- prophetically stated that Marvin Gaye would roll over in his grave. He definitely showed improvement... sang a few notes in tune. He'll be voted off next week. Thumbs down.

At this point-- in true VH1 fashion-- they ask us, "Who will it be? Joey Pants or Bai Ling? We'll find out after this break." After which, they show a promo for the next episode, and SPOIL THE WHOLE THING! They show a clip of Bai Ling singing in the same outfit she has on in the show. So we KNOW it's Joey Pants who gets voted off (which was a huge mistake on the voters' parts!). Way to go, VH1! More unintentional comedy. Classic.

Bai Ling (red carpet fashion no-no)-- sings Call Me. Badly. Horribly. Please God, don't let the voters keep her on so they can see what she will (or won't) wear next week. Please... for all that is holy. This is a scary, scary woman. BIG thumbs down.

If you want to go vote or even hear their performances (please, be cautious!), go to the site on VH1.


Master Peebody said...

Are these all famous people who are singing on a tv show?

don't call me MA'AM said...

Oh, some are famous, some are somewhat famous... others wish they were famous. ;-)

Master Peebody said...

I'm just curious, hwo did you find our little blogging community?

Master Peebody said...

I mean how?

Men, mi grusp ov engrish its geeteng beeter wif aeg. Hehehe, sorry just had to make that point to myself.

don't call me MA'AM said...

You crack me up!

How did I find your blogging community? Dboy responded to one of my postings, so I became curious. I read his blog, then commented on some of his postings. You all were there, too, so I read your interesting blogs. No, I'm not a stalker. The odd thing is that I used to have some email pals from Melbourne about 5-10 years ago, and I completely lost touch with them. :-( If I remembered their real surnames, I might be able to find them again.

don't call me MA'AM said...

*paranoia hits*

Why? Does everyone want me to "go away?"

Ack! *likes new friends*

Master Peebody said...

No, your most welcome. I was just wondering is all.

Nikki said...

I wish I got this show!!!! Thanks for posting the recaps - hilarious!

Bai Ling kills me -- that chick is definitely clueless!

don't call me MA'AM said...

At least Bai Ling is semi-clothed on this show. Some of her red carpet antics have been insane! If you check out, they have a TON of hilarious postings on our dear little Bai.