Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Help! It's just TOO intellectually stimulating around here...

When my oldest daughter and I are being immature and attempting to throw "witty" (read here: not witty at all) retorts at each other, we often just repeat what the other says. Example:

Me: You're insane.
She: No, YOU'RE insane.
Me: No, you are.
She: No, YOU are!

We're just beacons of intellectual dialogue, aren't we?!?

The suckiest one she often uses is the "your mom" comeback, usually in a Kip Dynamite voice ("your mom goes to college"). It doesn't actually work for me, though. Example:

Me: Go away. You smell.
She: Your mom smells.
Me: No... YOUR mom, ummmmmm.... wait. That's me.
She: [laughing maniacally] I win, I win, I win!

I've been bested in verbal jousting by a 17-year-old. Gah. I should just give up.

Sometimes, when she's arguing with her little sister, the same kind of thing pops up. And it seems like I always end up the butt of the jokes!

She: Shutup. You don't know what you're talking about.
Little She: Yes, I do. You're the stupid one.
She: Your mom's the stupid one.
Little She: No, YOUR mom's the stupid one.
She: Your mom is MY mom, stupid.
Me: HEY! How did I get dragged into this argument?

Just to think... she'll be leaving for college in one year. I'm glad that I've prepared her to communicate with the outside world.


wire said...

The last laugh is always yours - remember stupidity is genetic.

Libragirl said...

I love those fights. I have them with J. all the time. But when we say your mom, we aren't actually saying it about ourselves.
Coz that is just dumb

Ludicrousity said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love it!
Sounds remarkably like fights I have with Guru! :)

therevhead said...

But you mom isn't stupider than Guru's ...is she Ludi!??

Stinkypaw said...

Keep up the good work - she'll need those skills!

MiMaw said...

THAT is soooo funny! Kind of like the half ass compliment I got from Baby Son: "You're the best mom I'ver ever had!"
She may be prepared for college but is college prepared for her? Oh, I get it. There will be hundreds of girls repeating those some lines, right?

Ludicrousity said...

No, but we have those arguments anyway, and Mum is like 'huh?! What did I do?'. It's hilarious! There's also a line in family guy we use

Chris: 'My dad's smarter than yours'
Meg: 'We have the same father dumbass'
Chris: 'Yeah, but MINE'S SMARTER!

Gotta love it!

Nikki said...

Good to know you're outwitted so easily .. will make it easier to pickpocket you during the stalking ..

don't turn around but I'm watching you ...

okay, creepiness over ... haven't been here in awhile and I miss your blog!!!!

Julie_Gong said...

Ahh... 'Your Mom' one of my favorites. I use that or at least think about using that once a day.

Sidenote: Is is wrong to say 'Your Mom' to my Mom or Dad because both of they're parents have long passed. And no I'm not that much of the Devil. I've never actually said it to them but at times I've wanted too because it is so perfect.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, girl. My senior is the most unrealistic person on the planet. I prepared him for the big wide world as best I could. Which is to say, apparently, not all that well. He's either going to (a) fall flat on his face or (b) succeed wildly. I have no idea which. But I fear I will only get credit for scenario (a).

othur-me said...

Clearly you're children are well on they're way in their preparation for life....but is anyone really ready if they're not exactly sure how to use "....that's what she said."?

don't call me MA'AM said...

wire: so, are you saying I AM stupid???

libragirl: well, of course you're not dumb. ;-)

ludi: my fights with my siblings aren't quite that kind. heh heh

rev: you're silly. :-P

stinkypaw: And they are some MAD skillz, yo. haha

mimaw: I've said the exact same thing to my mom.

nikki: You're BACK!!!! YAY!! Are you posting again? I've missed your funny postings, too!

julie_gong: ummmm, yeah. That would be a little uncomfortable. Good call.

tammara: he's going to be brilliant, and everyone will KNOW to pat you on the back. They just will, because you da momma. :-)

othur-me: sometimes, it actually scares me how clever they really are. When we're joking around, they might sound stupid, but most of the time, their 'wit' really does surprise me. In a good way.