Friday, August 25, 2006

A Very Pissy Friday Why Files...

WHY #1: Why are we spending time studying this BS instead of looking for cures for diseases? Or better yet, men who believe this load of crap need a kick in the head.

WHY #2: Why doesn't anyone PROOF these days? "Oops! Confidential Applicant Information Printed on Law School Calendars" from

WHY #3: Why did I laugh my arse off after viewing these pictures? I don't like to see dogs in costumes (well, maybe on Halloween). And my dogs only wear sweaters in the winter when they're really cold. Otherwise, no dressing dogs! But these pictures? Pretty darn funny! Spock and Count Pugula are my faves.

WHY #4: Why are the morning talk shows so enamored with viral videos? Check out this one on pancakes.

WHY #5: Why can't I remember when my last visit to Chipotle was? Oh, yeah. I can answer that. BECAUSE IT'S BEEN TOO DAMN LONG! Rawr.

WHY #6: Just... why? Find more strange pet ideas at

This concludes today's Friday Why Files.


othur-me said...

#6 - I really dig the SnackShotz Treat Launcher. I have to get one. I think I'll pass on the scooter with the sled dog side car.

Stinkypaw said...

#1: because there's more money to be made being sick and yes some men do need a serious foot up the ass!

#2: the person responsible for this should be fired!

#3: Love Count Pugula and Spock those 2 are hilarious!

#6: Another one who needs a foot up her tiny ass! Poor pooch being jiggled that way! It's not like his weight will "contribute" to her training!

nabbalicious said...

Oh, that POOR dog! Why do people do that?

gunnlino said...

Wait...wait...wait...any white woman over seventeen who begins by saying "Girlfriend" (with the inflection on the friend part), should be soundly kicked in the ass and sent to her room without dinner.

goldennib said...

OK, a dog fanny pack is just wrong.

-R- said...

The law school mixup does not suprise me. Good for one kid to call in and report that he had received confidential info!

And why would you want a dog bouncing against your hip while you walk? WEIRD.

MiMaw said...

1. Need to find a cure for the common asshole!
2. An interesting discussion topic for one of the law classes!
3. Awww. Charlie looks like my pug, AnnaBelle. I didn't let her see these pics or she would have begged to be dressed up like that.
4. Ummm...well, that was different.
5. Maybe someday The Mineral King will take MiMaw to Chipolte with him so she will know and understand your pain?
6. Oh no! MK and the Cop are big Star Wars fans but no way are they dressing up my Puggies as Princess Leia Slave Girls!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

othur-me: I thought that was a fun invention. The "neuticles" scare the hell out of me, though!

stinkypaw: you're probably 100% right on all.

nabbalicious: Agreed. If there is any such thing as Karma, I'm hoping that the little dog peed down the back of her leg. ;-)

gunnlino: yeah, she doesn't like she's "down with it," does she? haha

goldennib: All I can think of is that that poor dog is going to have SUCH a tummy ache!

-r-: I would be mortified if I was one of those people whose application was on the back. Especially if it was the essay part. Or height and weight. Gah.

mimaw: yes, doggies should not be in costume... even if it is Princess Leia. ESPECIALLY if it is Princess Leia. ;-)