Saturday, August 19, 2006

You make me soooo very happy....

Smile Makers:

1. Little Miss Sunshine... I love movies that don't follow the same-ol'-same-ol'.
2. When my clothes fit
3. Cheesecake
4. Little kids running and laughing on a playground
5. Belly laughs
6. Weekends
7. Getting presents
8. Watching someone open a present I put a lot of thought into buying/making
9. Dogs trying to keep their eyes open, like mine are right now
10. A good book
11. Reading a good book while drinking a cup of tea in a quiet place
12. Autumn
13. Shopping
14. Football season
15. A good hockey fight ( I can't believe that makes me smile... less than a year ago, I would have clucked my tongue disdainfully at anyone who said that.)
16. Going on a date with the Farm Boy... with no kids.
17. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings
18. Having money in the checking account at the end of the month, because I know I have been managing money carefully
19. Bloggy Friends
20. A check that arrives unexpectedly in the mail
21. Family outings when everyone is getting along
22. When people tell me how great, polite, funny, etc. our kids are
23. Real oatmeal...with raisins added
24. Wrinkles around my eyes and mouth... they're smile lines, and they make me smile more.
25. When my teenagers sometimes slip and call me "mommy"

There are more... but this is supposed to be a Grumpy blog. I don't want to get a rep for being all mushy and stuff. Blech.


-R- said...

Don't the fitting in clothes and cheesecake kind of work against each other, though?

This list makes me smile too.

Red said...

Ohh, love your list. Also, totally with you on movies that don't follow the same ol' same ol'. I like talking about them like that instead of calling them indie, which feels so pretentious. I can't wait to see Sunshine myself...

Stinkypaw said...

Your list brouht a smile to my face - thank you!

nabbalicious said...

I really want to see "Little Miss Sunshine." It sounds great!

Mmm, and word on oatmeal. Sometimes I eat it after work if I had a bad night and want some comfort food.

Ludicrousity said...

You don't need to be grumpy all the time! Yay for bloggy friends! :)

I'm all for number 11! Sounds like my perfect lazy saturday!

wire said...

number two is the best - ever tried to wear an eight year old's pants? let me just say it definately brings an expression to the face, maybe just not a smile.

especially if they are still in them... did i just cross the border into the realm of creepy?

number 4 is good too but can be improved by a paintball gun and a good eye.

wire's comment of creeeeepy kid stuff is brought to you by the letter "get the hell away from my children!"

MiMaw said...

Cheesecake...mmmmm...Oreo Cookie Cheesecake... I just smiled from head to toe!

goldennib said...

All really great happy things and you listed so many.

Adeline said...

people should do this more.

am a teacher too, it is nice to read these lists and all the "yeah, i like that too..." stuff.

yeah watch out though, or else you'll lose your rep as a grump.