Monday, October 09, 2006

Thoughts to Ponder Today...

1. Should we just stop publicizing all the school shootings? Does the media coverage encourage others to jump on the bandwagon, or do we need to be informed so that we can attempt to stop the madness?

2. Will I ever be reimbursed for my time and money that was wasted seeing Employee of the Month? (it was my step-daughter’s choice, not mine) It had its moments, and I did laugh quite a few times here and there... Andy Dick is pretty fun... but I would rather have seen it on cable or something.

3. How many past and future posts will I dedicate to the fact that I am not a morning person and that I struggle to get to work on time every single day?

3a. While I’m on the subject, how many times will I play the game with myself where I wake up later and later, totally sure of the fact that I can get ready more and more quickly than before??? Especially when I. Never. Win. That. Game.

3b. Will the time change make mornings any easier? At least for a little while?

4. After the spinach scare, and now the lettuce in CA where e. coli was also found… will I ever be able to eat a salad again? I love salads. :-(

5. I choose to live in a region where the weather changes so drastically that, in less than one week, we go from a day where temps hit 90 degrees F as a high to a day where the low will be around 28 degrees F. If it rains, we’ll have snow that day.

Did I mention that I CHOOSE to live here? (kind of)

SO… my closet has to hold shorts and summer shirts as well as sweaters, scarves, and gloves… because you never know which you’re going to need from day to day. Economically speaking, I’d be stupid to move… but this is getting ridiculous.

6. Does the fact that I continue to see 11:11 everywhere have any significance whatsoever? I'm going to start keeping track of it in the sidebar. I do not make a conscious effort to look at the clock daily to see if it is 11:11. It's just a glance up and WHA! There it is again. Creepy. On November 11, I'm going to paranoid all day long.


Libragirl said...

play 11 11 on some sort of lottery. maybe you'll win and not have to wake up early for work anymore.
that would be cool. then you could give me part of the winning money since it was my idea to play the numbers and then i could not have to wake up for work.

Stinkypaw said...

I have the same issue with 11:11, it's weird!!!

Not to rub it in, but this morning I got up with the pooch at 7:30 then went back to bed and managed to pull myself out of bed it was about 11:30... Can you tell I'm NOT a morning person? And the time change is making it worst to get up, when it's that dark I should be sleeping!!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

libragirl: Sure. It's a deal. If I win, I'll give you 1/2. :-)

stinkypaw: Gah. I need a job that either lets me work from home, or that pays me a lot to sleep. As for the time change... at the end of October, we'll gain an hour to sleep in (unless you're in one of those crazy areas that don't change... haha).

othur-me said...

I, also against my will, saw Employee of the Month. And similarly, the only good thing about it was that Andy Dick was pretty funny. I don't even like Andy Dick that much.

goldennib said...

1. I think we do give to much media attention to these acts. I think the people who do these things crave attention. I've known people so lonely they will take any attention, good or bad, as long as it is not indifference.

2. Is that the Jessica Simpson movie? Not interested. This would be one of those movies where I'd take the kids and sit in the lobby, reading a book.

3. I keep praying to win the lottery so I can sleep in. So far, no good.

4. They didn't actually find any on the lettuce.

5. So, variety is not a good thing; D ?

6. Are you starting some new projects or starting over with something? Ones indicate beginnings.

Sparkling Cipher said...

1. We definitely don't need for that to become some kind of trend.

2. Not all that interested in seeing the movie, but I see that Gnarls Barkley did "Gone Daddy Gone" for it. The soundtrack might be worth my money.

3. I'm down to 15 minutes. Of course that means I haven't used a curling iron in months and I showed up at work last week wearing two different earrings, but I think extra sleep in worth it.

5. I don't mind mixing warm and cold weather clothes, but when the weather does that, I break out! Grrr...

6. I like goldennib's suggestion about beginnings.

Stinkypaw said...

We will be changing/adjusting our clocks on the 29th - and being my own boss is the GREATEST thing, especially when I want to sleep in! ;-)

BTW, I'm tagging you to do a little meme: name nine things about yourself, weird or otherwise, not mentioned yet on your blog, and tag six more to do the same.


Anonymous said...

well that is just effin great. guess what i had for lunch today. salad. right. F!

Margaret Ann said...

As a fellow midwesterner I feel your pain on the weather issue. I love salad too...evidentally there is tainted beef too and paralysis causing carrot juice...I guess we all just need to subsist on processed cheese and crackers.

don't call me MA'AM said...

othur-me: exactly. I liked how they took his eyesight (or lack thereof) gag further and further. Even though it was stupid. ;-)

goldennib: variety is good. Nearly 60 degree temperature swings... not so much. Ah, and as for new beginnings? Every day is pretty much a new beginning, but that doesn't freak me out. Seeing 11:11 does. And it happened again TODAY. gah.

sparkling cipher: 15 MINUTES? Are you kidding me? Wow. I would scare people if I only took 15 minutes. Seriously. ;-)

stinkypaw: that will have to be the second 'tag,' as I have to do Stacy's first. Technically, it wasn't so much a tag, as an "I've gotta do that, because she gave me permission." Ya know?

julie: apparently, the lettuce thing was a false alarm? I don't know.

margaret ann: I was hoping to exist on just cheesecake, maybe. Mmmm. But cheese and crackers might be okay, too!

Anonymous said...

My closet, also, has practically everything out at the moment. The worst weather change for me was when Zach was a baby. I couldn't dress him AT ALL because he got heat rash. He went around in nothing but a diaper for 6 months. Then came a September day when it dropped from 96 to in the 20's in a 24-hr period. THE KID HAD NO CLOTHES. I had to wrap him in blankets and tear off to the Walmart so he wouldn't freeze his little baby butt (alas, there was no SuperTarget in 1989!!).

FarmBoy said...

FYI - Until this comment, there were 11 posts.....(cue Psycho music)

Anonymous said...

n Australia Remembrance Day is always observed on November 11, although the day is not a public holiday. Services are held at 11am at war memorials in suburbs and towns across the country, at which the "Last Post" is played by a bugler and a one-minute silence is observed.

So it's a case of 11:11:11....but not creepy.