Friday, October 13, 2006

An Unlucky Friday The 13th Why Files...

WHY #1: Madonna adopts Malawi boy. Why? Is she jealous of Angelina and Brad? Has she been out of the eyes of the press too long, so this is a great idea to pump up her press coverage? Is she really as ‘humanitarian’ as she professes to be? If not, is that why the Eye of the Child group is challenging the adoption process in this case?

WHY #2: Why could I care less that today is Friday the 13th, but freak out when the Farm Boy calls me today exactly at 11:11????

WHY #3: This is still under investigation… but WHY would anyone alter photos of kids? You’ll have to read it and view the photo to believe it. Woman sues school photographer for alleged doctored photos.

WHY #4: Chef makes gown of cream puffs for his own lovely bride. I’m not even going there.

WHY #5: Woman kills husband after being released from jail. She was already in jail for killing one of her sons. Once released (early release due to terminal illness), she proceeded to go home and kill her husband. She stabbed him with a knife… in the throat. Yikes. She has noted several times, that if they don’t send her back to jail, she’ll kill her second son. Hmmm… what ever shall we do with her?

And that concludes today’s Friday the 13th Why Files…


Anonymous said...

#5 - Put her in the iron maiden!!

othur-me said...

#3 - brilliant idea to invite them back to the studio for a "recreation". Can you just see it? "Okay Brittney, now push those little things together. Harder. No Harder. Even harder. THERE, SEE? I present you CLEAVAGE!"

I suggest that its a perver ghost.

How ridiculous will this whole thing feel to the mother when, in 5 years, her daughter really looks like that?

-R- said...

Not sure why you think it is bad for Madonna to adopt a child or bring attention to Malawi, where there are sooo many kids in need.

I wonder what that wedding dress smelled like or if the bride was tempted to taste a puff!

don't call me MA'AM said...

tammara: yes, YES!

othur-me: more than one expert determined the photo HAD been doctored. That's what concerns me.

-r-: because there is a growing concern among child advocacy groups that 'celebrities' with a desire to be altruistic may not always be the best candidates for adoptive parents. There is a group in Malawi that is actually trying to stop this particular adoption. I've followed along with the story (not just in the mainstream news), and it's very interesting. I am actually a very strong advocate for adoption and giving children the best opportunities... just not when it's under questionable circumstances. I'm not saying she is or isn't a good candidate... that's why I listed it as a WHY.

Libragirl said...

If she is begging to go back to jail, ok with me. Did they take her other son away from her.

She has a terminal illness. Kill her now, save the money on caring for her.

therevhead said...

Where do you find these stories?
; )

Cream puffs, yet??

goldennib said...

1. Why couldn't Madonna just be like the kid's godmother and let him stay with his dad. Not enough publicity mileage, I guess.

2. All of those pointy sticks are scary.

3. He should be dipped in developing solution.

4. Yuck. It's not even pretty. Was she dessert at the reception?

5. That's what happens when you are nice to people.


Ludicrousity said...

1. why oh why?!
2. what is your think with 11:11?
3. how odd
4. Weird people...
5. what the hell?! Why is this woman not in a psych ward?!

wire said...

friday the 13th = my favourite day = my birthday!

#3: i am incredibly dubious of who these "experts" are. Experience says that news services will often ask experts who they know will agree with them or who are not respected in their field (it's easier to get them), especially with this kind of story. It could totally be a trick of the light - my brother has a photo of a friend getting out of a lake that (by a strange angle) makes him look three feet tall. Hilarious, but also a fluke.

Looking at it again and following the lines of shadow from her collar i would say they had two light sources and that's the point of intersection. Why so dark? Cruddy file quality from a digital camera, or a cruddy print.

Question - why does she appear to be wearing nothing under her jacket?!?

Margus said...

Photoshop is a high tech computer program

Yes sir, so high tech that it has an "add cleveage" filter.