Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Frump...

Yay, we’re ONE today. (I made/drew the cutest cake, but Blogger won't let me upload. Grrr.)

Oddly, it seems like I’ve been doing this for more than a year, though. I like to think that I’ve made some interesting new friends, even if I don’t know you face-to-face. Your advice, your humor… it’s all been a very welcome and unexpected benefit to blogging.

When I first started, I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my personal blog. My other blog is easy… it’s about my profession and what I do for a living. This one became a place where I could rant and get some of the craziness out of my head…. a place where I could ask the WHY’s of life’s insanity, as well as a place to ponder “stuff,” celebrate, and even whine.

So, regardless of whether this place is important to anyone else… it’s important to me. And that’s why I do it.

So, again… YAY! We’re one. Now, let’s get ready for the Terrible Twos.

On a sad note, I regret to inform you that a star figure in one of my past posts has passed on. My betta, Inigo Montoya, moved on to that great fish tank in the sky yesterday. His passing is a bit of a mystery… either he died of natural causes and floated into the filter, or he pulled a Nemo and swam in on sheer determination. Last night, when I walked over to his tank, I didn’t see him anywhere. Finally, I noticed his tailfin sticking out of the bottom of the tank filter. :-( I’m actually depressed that my fish died. I’m not typically a fish killer… I once had a goldfish that lived over five years. Every time he looked like he was on his last fin, we’d pop half an aspirin and a small ice cube into his bowl… and he’d perk right up. No such luck for Inigo.

Inigo Montoya, coolest Betta ever
January, 2006 – October, 2006


lizgwiz said... in peace, Inigo Montoya.

I had one red betta that lived for years, outliving 3 or 4 blue ones. By the time he finally passed on earlier this year, I had taken to calling him Ol' Red. I can't even remember what his name was originally.

Stinkypaw said...

First let me offer you and your family my deepest sympathy for the loss of Inigo Montoya.

Second, I wish you a very happy bloganniversaty! May you continue to rant, ponder and whine - whatever tickles your fancy - enjoy every moments to the fullest and take them with a grain of salt, which btw, is much better appreciated around a margarita glass, as Maxine says so well!

Congrats and long live the Grumpy Frump!

othur-me said...

Did you try mouth to gill resuscitation?

-R- said...

Congrats! I think my blog birthday is tomorrow. I didn't realize your blog was only one day older than mine!

Maliavale said...

Happy berfday! Sorry about your betta. They are nice fishies.

goldennib said...

Oh, the bitter and sweet of life. Sorry about Inigo. Happy Blogday.

Libragirl said...

Happy Birthday and sorry about your fish. A friend of mine, one of her 6 betta's died and she had a funeral and was a wreck. She posted pictures.

Margaret Ann said...

Happy birthday grumpy frump!
I am sorry about your betta fish. I had one in college and I think my college lifestyle led to his early demise...still feeling badly!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Inigo. It does sound like a mysterious passing, though. Hmm.

Congrats on the one year! So glad I found you!

Margus said...


therevhead said...

Hmmm... something very fishy about that death.

Mt Brumble lives in a traditional round glass bowl near the kitchen tap ... He is a non descript fish abour half an inch long. he was an orphan who came with the house. We took pity on him, because he swims up to the glass, bumps his snout against it and stares at you with big unblinking eyes if you come to the tap.

We felt sorry for im and got him a friend. But the little pal, took a flying leap out into the sink and down the drain shortly after being poured into with Mr Brumble. Strange really.
Who is he? Where did he come from? Why was the fishy friend so scared? Is he an aquatic 'bourne identity?'

We'll never know! But we accept Mr Brumble for now. One day he'll talk and we'll know.

Happy Ebirthday!

nabbalicious said...

Happy Blirthday!

And sorry about Inigo. How sad!

Greg said...

You're right, it seems longer.

What's next? Grumpy Frump t-shirts? A book? Perhaps a made-for-TV movie? As long as there are more posts, I'm good.

Happy 1st.

Gabrielle said...

So sorry to hear about Inigo. It's never easy with pets, be it fish or others.

But on the good news front, happy birthday!

Poppy Cede said...

Happy birthday, blog! Congrats, DccM! 'Very sorry to hear about Inigo, though!

Poppy Cede said...

I did it again, I am so silly. Congrats *DcmM*! There we go!

Poppy Cede said...

...and I even thought about the acronym for your name before clicking on Publish. Doy.

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