Friday, March 24, 2006

Random Friday musings while working a half day (woot!)...

1. It's amazing how elevated one's mood can be when one only has to work half a day. I should do this all year long! Well, as long as they still pay me for full days. heh heh

2. Have you seen those animated ads online for Lamisil? You know the ones where they show that nasty little digger creature that is to represent the fungus that grows under your nails? AND... they show, in ANIMATION, the toe nail lifting up from the top of the toe? *cue nausea*

May I please beg someone to stop these ads? They appear everywhere, and they aren't even pop ups I can block. Imagine opening your email or some news site, and BAM! There goes that toe nail. Owie, owie, OWIE. If you've ever injured your toe and had the toenail come off, you can imagine the pain involved. And now, every time I see that ad, I relive the pain. And it makes me gag. Literally.

3. The Today show did a segment on a real-life Mrs. Doubtfire yesterday morning, but I missed most of it... and I can't find the story online ANYWHERE. I will dedicate an entire post (read here: a significant holla singing your detective skills prowess) to whomever can provide me a link to read about this. MSNBC doesn't have it anywhere on their site.

4. I have resorted to listening to a cheesy pop song EVERY morning that, for some reason unbeknownst to me (or anyone else for that matter), puts me in a GOOD mood. So for the sake of all humankind, I listen to it over and over and over again. And it's working. What's worse... it's in Mandarin Chinese, and I haven't learned all the words yet. So I can't even sing along to the whole thing. Arrrgh. But the operative phrase is: IT'S WORKING!

5. Nabbalicious briefly mentioned encounters (or "non-encounters") with stalkers. That reminded me of the time I had a stalker.

I used to be a corporate end-user application trainer. So, in the course of two years, I had trained 1000+ people in and around the city where I worked. Occasionally, we'd get what we called "training groupies," people who liked to hang around and talk after the training session... and who would also sign up for anything and everything we taught. One groupie became a little obsessive with me. And it was scaaaaaaaarrryyyy! He worked for a company that shall remain nameless (but it's responsible for little blue pills for men and little pink pills for those who have allergies). I trained there a lot, and he took a lot of my classes.

Soon, I noticed a strange car in our office parking lot. It was there every morning when I came in to work, and it was there every evening when I left. Someone was always sitting in the car, too. I didn't really pay much attention to it, until an office mate noticed WHO it was. It was the groupie. A few days after that, flower deliveries came to my desk every day for a month. A MONTH! I was getting really scared, and of course, the police wouldn't do anything. I ignored this guy whenever I went to his company to train, and we started sending different trainers if he registered for one of my classes. One guy I worked with also went out to our parking lot one day to tell him he was trespassing. I think he threatened him a little, too. After that, he just disappeared, and I never saw him again.

That was 6 years ago, but it still creeps me out a little. And that's probably why I'll never post my picture in any of my posts. Ya never know who's lurking...

Okay... that was not a good way to end a Friday post! So, HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!


Anonymous said...

I HATE THOSE COMMERCIALS. Nausea, indeed. I lost a toenail from kicking a basket at Target 2 years ago (I was trying to get it loose from another basket). Let's just say I'd prefer not to relive that experience.

That's frightening stuff about your stalker. Good for your male friend for instilling some much-needed fear. Though I'm sure you continued to look over your shoulder for a while.

We're about to begin the college search as well. Good luck (and continued sanity) to us both.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Tammara: ACK! Toe nightmares... they keep coming back today! Gah!

Maliavale said...

OMG. I HATE those freaking commercials. I often look up at a TV at work, ho hum, and AHHHHHH THERE IT IS! I have to excuse myself due to nausea.

And did you try Nexis on the Mrs. Doubtfire thing? I can look for you tomorrow.

Gabrielle said...

That really IS scary and I can't believe the cops did nothing. Thank God he's moved on. I'd hate to have to come over there and kick his ass. But I'd do it!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

maliavale: no, I didn't. Great idea!

gabrielle: unless a "stalker" actually does something illegal, they can't do anything to him. Some states are adding stalker laws, but I don't think mine is one of them.