Monday, April 17, 2006

What to do with Tax Return Money...

Since the Farm Boy is in his first full year of self-employment, we filed separately this year.... which only means good things for me! Can you say "RETURN, baby?!?!" That's right. A BIIIGGG one.

So... what should I do with my tax return money? There are the responsible things of course:

a) save it
b) hold some back, in case Farm Boy owes more than he thinks he actually does
c) there is a child going to college in less than 1.5 years. It might be smart to start that college fund about now. (ha!)
d) donate some to charity
e) give some money to my siblings (aka charity)
f) did I mention "save it?"

Or... I could do what I really, REALLY want:

a) buy that Nikon D200 camera I've had my eye on (my uncle brought his with him on Easter... I was soooooooooo jealous!)

b) buy a lower-priced camera and then go clothes shopping

c) take my aunt to a day spa (actually, I'm doing this no matter what. She just finished her last round of radiation treatment. Remission City! So, this automatically goes on the list!)


If I'm smart (which I like to think I am), I'll save most of it, and spend SOME of it. Gah. Decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you decide, this kind of dilemma is a good one to have!

Master Peebody said...

I have to say, hold back untill you find out what farm boy gets with his tax, then if you have any left over, go buy some stuff! I love spending money, pitty i don't have that much. :)

Red said...

Oh, those sound like some fun options! Because I'm boring as all hell, I opt to get my money up front and end up owing come tax day. Blah. My dad continues to tell me it's what I should do, but I'm starting to disagree... even though I know it's just my money they're withholding and then giving back to me, there's nothing like a windfall!

Ludicrousity said...

Mmmm.. day spa.. I've never been to one, they sound fun! ROAD TRIP!!!

Julie_Gong said...

You could be a super dork and invest a good even amount of it like I'm going too and whatever is left buy a plane ticket to San Fransico!

Paisley said...

Yay, tax returns!!!!!!!!

You must save AND spend. spend, spend, spend. Your list is too delicious to not do anything!!!

Margus said...

the camera, The Camera, THE CAMERA!

Gabrielle said...

Hmmm, all worthy causes. How about, to fund it all, we knock over a Chipotles and stuff as many fajitas in us as we can while shoveling the day's proceeds into a Louis Vuitton bag?

It has a certain appeal to it, no?

Nikki said...

Oh, I'm going with day spa. That would be fantastic.

You definitely have to spend some of it on you though ... this doesn't happen often so you should enjoy it!!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

You all are sooooo supportive!!! I thought I would have a few more "Jiminy Crickets" telling me to save. ;-)

I might have to go with Margus' idea and splurge on the camera, but my auntie and I are definitely doing the day spa, too.

Thanks everyone!