Monday, May 08, 2006

Does this suit me?

So, I'm back. And I can't blog about why I haven't posted since last Thursday... because that would break the 1st Commandment of Blogging. *hint, hint* Let it just be noted that, HOPEFULLY, there is a new opportunity awaiting me in the very near future.

I do have a rant, though! This place wouldn't be the same if I didn't have one, right?!?

So what is up with all the casual clothes anymore? I mean... I'm a jeans and sweatshirt kind of person. That's when I'm most comfortable. But I LOVE clothes, and I love dressing up. For work, I wear business attire. There used to be a great store where I could find affordable business attire, but they closed. Not because they weren't profitable... but because the parent company decided they wanted to discontinue "that line."

All I wanted was ONE new suit. A nice jacket. A nice skirt or maybe a sleek pair of pants. At 5'3" tall, pants are not always an easy option.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No one sells nice business suits anymore. At the suburban malls I frequent, apparently their main target demographics now are surfer kids and Ladies Who Lunch. Cabana wear. Flip flops and t-shirts. Cute, hippie-trippie skirts... but not suits. Oh, there were SOME suits of the polyester, 50ish woman looking sorta thing. But not good business suits.

I visited 12 stores before I found the ONE suit that fit and would work. And I paid much more than I wanted to, but didn't have an option.

So... that's my rant. Do we not want to outfit the young, STYLISH professional anymore? Are we all supposed to look like we live in the OC or are a Desperate Housewife? Arrrgh.

btw, I look kinda cute in my new suit. It's growing on me.


Master Peebody said...

You mean not everyone dresses like they do in the OC!? :D

Maliavale said...

What was the store? C'mon! You know you wanna tell! ;-)

And I love how a nice suit makes you feel and look. It's all about working the confidence/power angle!

don't call me MA'AM said...

MPB: Nope. Not all of us. ;-)

maliavale: The store that closed was Casual Corner/Petite Sophisticate. I could always go there to buy a suit or something "nice-ish" without spending my entire paycheck. But their parent company decided not to continue the line, so I'm out of luck.

And I LOVE good suits! Not the 80s power suit....all shoulder pads and angles. Eeek. Just a nice, professional look is all I want.

Ludicrousity said...

I'm sure you look hot, and I'm sure you'd do a great desperate housewife! You should go for that look! :)

Master Peebody said...

I like the look of women in their business suits. I don't know what it is, maybe a power thing, but it does it for me. :D

Margus said...

Fuck hippie skirts.
Original (acid taking, naked dancing)hippies didn't wear skirts. What ever Target has been selling is probably made out of a baby lamb & seal.

So you're probably better off anyway.

wire said...

Solution? Mug the first 5'3", smart looking buisness woman you see and take all her clothes and her wallet and keys. Then, before she has time to regain conciousness, find some clothes and call the cops - break into her house and take all her other clothes as well. Problem solved. *insert hand dusting action here*

goldennib said...

If companies don't sell a million of something it's not profitable so they move on. No staying power.

Ludicrousity said...

Nice plan wire!

Julie_Gong said...

I've been looking for a 'cocktailish' dress to wear to a wedding in Aug and do you think I could find anything that wasn't fit for prom or to go to my first day of 6th grade in? What is the deal?

Maliavale said...

I thought that might be it! They did have great suits. I like The Limited for similar pricing/styles, but I don't know if that's your thing.

And I didn't mean shoulder pads! Gasp, no! If anything I get ever comes with them, even small ones, I take it straight to the tailor to have them removed. *shudder*

Miss Peach said...

Finding suits is IMPOSSIBLE. They're so freaking expensive or they're affordable and hideous. I always freak out if I need one because I simply cannot find any I like. And then I break down, buy anything, and then hate it so much that when I need to wear a suit like a year or two later (I never have to wear them really) I wind up repeating the cycle.


Ann Taylor Loft? Also, Ann Taylor on sale? Ann Taylor Loft is great though.

don't call me MA'AM said...

ludi: I needed to look professional, not hot (this time). haha

MPB: you would. And I have know idea why I said that.

margus: rock on. Although, don't be rippin' on my Target. It's an obsession, ya know.

wire: well, that would have been a good plan if I wanted to go to JAIL and work there. Nice try. ;-)

goldennib: I KNOW! What is the deal?

julie: I can usually find good cocktail-ish dresses in Vic Sec catalogs, but you have to weed through all the semi-slutty stuff. Since you're still young, you could probably get away with semi-slutty... and not look bad. I would look BAD.

maliavale: I tried Limited, also, but all their skirts were way above the knee. Probably not good for the purpose I needed, but I do frequent them occasionally for everyday work wear.

miss peach: YES! There were some suits in the local dept. stores... polyester, hideous, yet affordable. I lucked out and found a Jones New York suit that wasn't too outrageous. As for Ann Taylor and AT Loft... all casual stuff. Yes, even AT minus the loft. There was one suit, but it was brown. I like brown, but not for "this purpose." And it was pants. Which would have meant major tailoring for my short legs. Boo.