Friday, May 26, 2006

A really short Friday Why Files...

WHY #1: Why do I read movie reviews? I mean, I hardly ever agree with them anyway. But I did today. Apparently, X3 is not as good as X2. In fact, some critics are veeerrrrrrrrry disappointed. It doesn't help that Brett Ratner directed this time, instead of that Singer guy.

Now I'm going to walk into that movie and wait for it to suck. boo. Oh, well. At least Hugh Jackman's still in it. I think I could probably be entertained watching him do even the most mundane tasks:

1. Hugh doing the laundry... Five stars!
2. Hugh removing lint from the filter/catcher on the hairdryer... Five stars!
3. Hugh watching TV... Five stars!
4. Hugh watching TV... shirtless.... Five thousand stars!

WHY #2: Someone please remind me WHY I okayed a birthday party with 30 prepubescent children attending. Tonight. For FOUR HOURS.

WHY #3: Why don't I know any activist vampires like this??? I need more laughs in my life.

WHY #4: Why are criminal's rights sooooo important? I know why we need civil rights, and all that. Don't send me a recap of the Bill of Rights. Just.Read.On.

You all know the internet predator stories on the tv news. Well, an Arizona judge ruled that any predators who were lured into situations where they THOUGHT they were meeting children... cannot be arrested if the person doing the "luring" was actually an adult. Even though the predator thought he/she was meeting a child... if it really wasn't a minor, there's no law-breaking here.

So, now what? Should we start using ACTUAL children to bait these people? Come ON! Perverted Justice is the group that has been working with the news reporters to bring these people in. And the good old US Justice System just gave them a big kick in the teeth. Boooo.

This concludes Friday's Why Files.... 'cause I have to go teenage-proof my house. Wish me luck.


Kim said...

30 children? 30?! My god woman, what were you thinking!

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, maybe that judge came from the same hometown as the moron who gave a CONVICTED child molester probation because he's SHORT. (Oh no - he might get hurt in prison! COME ON!)

If the justice system (haha) is going to handle these guys this way - they are going to have to expect to see fewer child molesters making it to their court date. Parents who don't expect any justice for their child might not let them live that long.

Ludicrousity said...

I can't wait to see X3! I think I'm goign next week! Mmm.. hugh...

Guinness_Girl said...

Your Why #4 has left me completely disgusted. You've got to be kidding me!

Mmm, Hugh Jackman.

I can't wait to hear post-party stories!

don't call me MA'AM said...

kim: beats the hell out of me. I'm just stupid! ;-)

tammara: I KNOW! That "short guy" was released by a old lady judge in the western part of our state. The good thing is that our attorney general is saying no way. The guy's going to jail. Plus, I think they're 'retiring' that judge.

ludi: we're going today at noon! I'm so excited!!!

gg: me, too. Grrr.

Ludicrousity said...

Mmm... hugh...

goldennib said...

Some people don't seem to understand the value of children.

The law needs to be changed and the judges voted from office.