Thursday, May 04, 2006

Random Reveries…

1. Thanks to the Ghost Hunters episode I watched Wednesday night (SciFi Channel), I will no longer be visiting ANY lighthouses. EVER. Especially not one in St. Augustine, Florida. Nope. Not gonna do it.

And for all you skeptics out there, you just go on being skeptical. Most of the time, my favorite Roto-Rooter plumbers who moonlight as ghostbusters DISPROVE what people think are ghosts or hauntings. Not last night. I’m still shaking.

2. What the hell is with restaurants, fast food or otherwise, who are HEAPING condiments on food nowadays?

The other day I tried that new Frescata sandwich at Wendy’s (where I usually refuse to go since I once worked at one). The sandwich was okay, once I scooped off what amounted to ¼ cup of mayo! Blech!! I thought you were only supposed to load up the condiments if the customer requested it.
Drowning food in ketchup, mayo, mustard, salad dressing… you name it… should not be the norm!!

3. I read a headline noting that Massachusetts is asking MySpash (name changed to protect the “innocent”) to raise the minimum age for users to 18 (it’s currently 14). This, of course, comes from the number of internet predators stalking children through MySpash.

The article notes that, currently, MySpash is unable to verify the actual age of its users, but that it uses software to track the language that is common to children under 14. Really? I know several 12- and 13-year-old children who use MySpash daily. They just lied about their birthdates when they registered.

Personally, I think the national news people who keep running the internet predator stings (I saw an ad for Predators 5 coming up!) need to keep going. In fact, let’s ramp it up. Every state in the country should be running these stings DAILY. On top of that, let’s increase the penalties for trolling for kids online. If the chance of getting caught is better than 90%, and the jail time is SIGNIFICANT (15 years or more), maybe these sickos will leave our kids alone!

Just a reminder that this blog is now a “Safe Zone.” There shall be no mention of He Who Shall Not Be Named. Hint: my new nickname for him is Tomas Crazy.

Note: Friday Why Files will return next week. There will be no new post on Friday... Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Master Peebody said...

Tomas crazy? Myspash? I don't know whats going on.

I don't see why ghosts wouldn't be real. I could start a debate about it, but i can't really be bothered.

Mmmmmm lots of sauce. The messier the burger or whatever, the better!

Ludicrousity said...

Yeah, I don't get most of that. NO idea what MySpash is. And I have to agree on the condiment thing. I always ask for just a little bit of whatever I get, coz otherwise it's overpowering and too awful to eat, it's not like you can just pull some out like lettuce or something. YICK!

But I agree with harsher penalties for internet preditors. So so so so so so wrong!

Margus said...

hmmmm let's see...crapspace, crazy Tom, Sicko child stalkers...

OH! Tomorrow 5-5-06 is No Pants Day!

Master Peebody said...

Hey we have no pants fridays also! :D

goldennib said...

Usually, if you ignore them, ghosts will leave you alone and find someone else to play with.

I don't like alot of sauces on my food either. I have this physical handicap where stuff ends up on my chest as I eat, so sloppy stuff is dangerous.

One of the things I found helpful is getting my daughter's MySpash. I would go on and see what was happening. We would then talk about hers and other peoples' behavior. It's like teaching your children not to talk with food in their mouths. There's no supervision so bad behavior escalates.

Child perves should be castrated.

I appreciate this safe haven you have created (you know what I mean.)

Greg said...

I bet the reporter who did the first NBC predators special is thanking his lucky stars right now. Those sickos -- who obviously should be stopped -- are paying his rent! He doesn't have to do any other reporting EVER... he could do this the rest of his career... and unfortunately, it doesn't look like this gross stuff would stop. Question: what did these creeps do BEFORE MySpash?

And yes, I agree, the mayo situation is getting out of hand. You know how the National Dairy Council is behind the "Got Milk" campaign, the big marketing push for more milk to be consumed? Maybe there's a mayo and other condiments special interest group pushing for more of their product to be slopped on sandwiches. I'll look into it and get back to you.

Paisley said...

One time the girl at Subway thought I said MUSTARD sandwich, not 6" veggie.


Funny how they will give you tons of stuff on your food but you have to beg for any packets to go.

hannah said...

A girl heads to Wall Street and asks suit-wearing corporate types, "Who did you exploit today?"

Red-headed reporter Trevor drops by a butcher shop, where he inquires, "Who's going to pay for these steaks? I mean, spiritually?"

If there is anything that we must now be obsessed with, it is Beat Kids. Glory glory be...this shite is hilarity!

don't call me MA'AM said...

MPB and ludi: MySpash-- the real name rhymes with EyeCase. I just don't want to get sued or anything, so I used an alias for them. See?

Margus: since I would probably be fired if I didn't, I had to wear pants today. But don't think that the thought didn't cross my mind about dropping them a few times. ;-)

goldennib: I'm totally enamored with (of?) ghosts. I just don't think I could handle seeing one... which I'm sure is the reason I haven't!

greg: YES! That guy is cruising for life now! And I'll be waiting to hear your report on the condiment council! :-)

paisley: I had a mustard sandwich the other night, too. I'm sure I said Lite Turkey Panini. But apparently that sounded too much like DROWN IT IN DELI MUSTARD, please!

hannah: you ARE obsessed!!! I love them, though. I don't think I could enough of them.

Ludicrousity said...

Ah! I get it now!

jane said...

About the mayo . . . I worked at an amusement park (Carowinds, outside of Charlotte, NC) as a teenager where I sometimes made pizzas. When a particularly nice or cute customer ordered one, I would LOAD on the toppings. After a couple of months of this, I finally had the opportunity to actually eat one of my creations. Much to my chagrin, I found out that too much of a good thing was pretty nasty. Moderation, I discovered, was a virtue after all (at least when dressing pizzas).

Anonymous said...

I agree with goldennib - I have access to my kids' myspash sites, and I review them. I look at their friends. I look at who is commenting and what they are saying. I don't want to tell them they can't participate - this really is how they communicate with their friends. I just want to help them stay safe - so I basically patrol the neighborhood.

As far as the internet predators - if someone never comments back, the conversation is over. My daughter ignores anyone unfamiliar who comments. And her site says she's 72, which I find kinda funny.

don't call me MA'AM said...

jane: hmmmm... I DO like a lot of extra cheese on a pizza though. Must think this one through.

tammara: I do the same thing with my kids and their spash pages. Both are set to private, and only those who are invited can view them. One of my daughter's friends has her age listed as 100. Great minds think alike, I guess!

Red said...

See, I would've thought that watching an episode of Ghost Hunters would've made you decide to never again watch an episode of Ghost Hunters.

Red said...

Oops, I was thinking Ghost Whisperer, with Jenny Love. Never mind me. Carry on, good people of the Frump who actually pay attention.

Master Peebody said...

Where have you gone DCMM? I'm used to logging on and seeing a new post every day.

don't call me MA'AM said...

red: Ooh... it was almost "on." Nobody disses my Ghost Hunters. They had a whole marathon yesterday! As for Ghost Whisperer... never seen it. I'm with you. Jenny Love can take her Audrey Hepburn wannabe style and go away. haha

MPB: I have been SOOOOOOOO busy!!! Sorry. :-)