Monday, June 12, 2006

A short multiple-choice quiz (it's easy, I promise!)...

1. If you have recently had a baby... check that, if you have EVER had a baby:

a) you should not shop for yourself at Wet Seal
b) you should not shop for yourself at Forever 21
c) you should not shop for yourself at Hot Topic
d) All of the Above*

2. Where road construction is concerned:

a) the city should mark appropriate places where new asphalt and tar-like substances are fresh, so that one does not drive through it, thereby coating one's Loser Cruiser in a viscous, gloppy, malodorous substance that the local Gorilla car wash cannot remove
b) the city should devise more than one exit route from one's housing division when closing off the main entrance, in order to prevent the resulting bottleneck and inevitable road rage
c) All of the above

3. When taking one's children to lunch at Qdoba**, it is not always appropriate:

a) to vocalize one's preference for Chipotle as the manager walks by
b) to whine incessantly that "we should have gone to Chipotle instead"
c) to obsess that the cilantro lime rice is not as good as the cilantro lime rice at Chipotle
d) to opine on the merits of the salty lime chips at Chipotle vs the salty lime chips at Qdoba
e) to compare Qdoba to a "copycat version of Chipotle"
f) All of the Above

So... if you answered "All of the Above" to ummm... well, all of the above questions, you are 100% correct! Yay, you!

First day of vacation... didn't accomplish much. I think I'm going to go for a walk now. The Farm Boy has to work late in another city, so I'll probably exercise for a little bit, then watch me some Kyra Sedgwick (I think I might be liking The Closer... not a bad show). I might even have a glass of wine. By myself. And then I'll fight the urge to blog again. More than twice a day might be overkill for me.

*There was someone of the female persuasion at the mall today... I hesitate to call her a woman, because I'm not quite certain of her age. She very well might have been under 20, but that's not the point. The point is, she was shopping in Wet Seal, and then proceeded directly to Hot Topic. With. A. Newborn. Baby. One that was crying loudly. While she shopped for pubescent fashion. Ummm... no. Really. No.

** I felt like SUCH a traitor! Believe me. It won't happen again. (sorry, tammara. I really do like Chipotle better)


Libragirl said...

Playing devil's advocate, could it have been a neice/nephew/cousing or just a kid she babysits.

Ok, most likely not and she was looking for the perfect outfit to go on Maury to find out who the baby daddy was but I am the devil's advocate.

don't call me MA'AM said...

libragirl: nope. She kept trying to calm the baby by saying, "Shh. Shh. Mommy's almost done." I agree with your last idea. She DID look like she was getting ready to go on Maury. ;-)

goldennib said...

I like The Closer. Unfortunately, it's on too late for me. I have to catch it in reruns.

Ludicrousity said...

Yay for holidays! Glad you'r ehaving such a good time. Can't comment on either of those food eating places, never been to them, they don't exist in Oz, neither do any of those clothing chains. I'm afraid you have quite an american post today! :)


Jill Davies said...

The sooceroos? You like the sooceroos? Ew. Not really.

Maybe she was shopping for the baby?

wire said...

Jill's right - i put my money on fantastic forward planning.

-R- said...

I love libragirl's idea about Maury Povich!

Is Qdoba a chain or is there just one? I have never heard of it.

Guinness_Girl said...

R, Qdoba is indeed a chain. Do not feel like you are missing out on anything. Besides. If you come to Philly, Oy Vey and I will take you to our LOCAL burrito joints, El Fuego and Pico de Gallo, for true deliciousness.

DCMM - Your Qdoba story is hilarious. I've done a similar thing, except mine involved being drunk in Napa Valley and going to a winery and blathering on and on about how ugly this one winery's label is and then the guy showing me around saying, "Oh, this gentleman here [who was standing right behind me] is the owner. He designed the label himself."

I suspect I came out of the womb with my foot in my mouth.

don't call me MA'AM said...

goldennib: it's on at about 8pm here, so I can deal with that. You're right about all the reruns though... the magic of cable and all that.

ludi: yeah, sorry about that. I figured that it would be pretty "american." ;-) And yes! Yay for socceroos! My friend from Germany brought me a FIFA pen the other day. I didn't even have to travel to get a souvenir!

jill davies: Wow! I never thought of that! Oh, except I think it was a boy. So, if she's preparing to dress him in drag, she is the most 'plan ahead' kind of person I have ever met!

wire: copycat. haha

r: I do, too, sadly. That's exactly what it looked like. And gg's right. Qdoba is a chain. But it's not as good as Chipotle, if you didn't understand me in the post. ;-)

gg: foot in mouth. I tend to live in that position a lot as well. It's a rather uncomfortable feeling. bleh.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry and you needn't apologize, lol. They're both chains, started in Denver, two years apart, and indeed, Chipotle was first and Qdoba copied. I go to Qdoba because (a) it's 4 minutes away, (b) the nearest Chipotle is 15 minutes away and in a very yucky traffic spot, and (c) I don't actually prefer either - they are the same thing with different names. (I know, I know - blasphemy, but that's what I think.) It's a matter of convenience. If they switched locations, I'd be heading for Chipotle instead.

I had a teacher in HS who wore Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and too much makeup. Like we couldn't all tell she was pushing 60 - pulease! You don't have to dress like a prude once you pass a certain age, but sheesh, please stay outta the Wet Seal for the love of God. That girl needs an intervention.