Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Chipotle update... yay!

Lunch, 2/24/06, 1:30pm CST.

The usual. Only ate half, though. Tummy still isn't feeling very ambitious. :-(

Yummmmmmmmyyyyy! Oh, dear, sweet Chipotle! I revel in your burrito-tasty-goodness. Your salty lime chips give me such happiness... I fear I am becoming dependent upon you to bring me some source of satisfaction in my life. But basically, what I'm feeling right now is this: if loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

On a completely unrelated note, any comments about the contest?

  • Worthwhile?
  • Not worthwhile?
  • Too hard?
  • Too easy?
  • Who gives a flying... fig?

I want feedback, Internets! Do you hear me? I live to serve, and I just want everyone to have some fun.


Jaek said...

As I post this I only need two more answers and I will mail you my submission. You are a wiley one. I am having to do some creative searching, but I'll get it.

Jaek said...

I fired off the winning email I hope. I kinda feel like I know you a bit better in that internet not-creepy but still slightly weird sorta way. Like I just sifted through your trash...that you posted publicly...and invited us to peruse (read: examine thoroughly like Gil Grissom). Anyway, cool contest. I win?

don't call me MA'AM said...

Wow! That's pretty fast, jaek. I haven't received the email yet, but I'll let you know when I do!

Red said...

I will give it my best shot, sweetie. However, that's a lot of questions, and my brain feels small. :)

Jason said...

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don't call me MA'AM said...

No pressure, red. I just wanted to see if anyone would actually do it.

Yeah, Jason. Go spam somewhere else.

Margus said...

I couldn't find your email, so I gave up.
Not that I would have been able to answer any of the questions, so I guess it doesn't matter.

That and I didn't try very hard either.

nabbalicious said...

Mmmm...Chipotle. DCMM, we need to go there together someday so I can goad you into finishing your burrito! I'll bring my pom poms and everything.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Margus: quitter. ;-)

Nabbalicious: I agree. Maybe if I didn't eat the chips, too, I could finish one. BUT... NOT eat the chips?!? Arrrgh! I don't even want to think about that!!

Jurgen Nation said...

I really want to participate, but I have a really weird "thing" about going through someone's archives. I really, really want to for a bunch of new bloggers I've found, but I'm afraid it would make me look stalkerish. I can't get over that. I wouldn't think that if I saw it in mine,, I'm not explaining right.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Jurgen: but you're already a stalker... we know that you're out there lurking on blogs all day long! ;-)

Hey, this contest isn't that big of a deal... especially when it seems like an ego boost for yours truly. I just thought I'd put it out there for people to try if they wanted... no pressure. :-)

Julie_Gong said...

I'm really sad that I have no such burrito goodness near me.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Julie: Hmmmm... maybe I can send you some packed in dry ice?